Become a student representative with a unique vantage point to digitalisation!

Would you like to get involved in planning the realisation of strategic goals concerning teaching or research? How about representing the views of your fellow students and following the digitalisation of the largest university in Finland from a unique vantage point? Apply to become a student representative in the University’s new steering groups for digitalisation!

Two new steering groups are being established at the University of Helsinki to support the new measures to develop teaching and research through digitalisation that are taken in accordance with the University’s new Strategic Plan. In the upcoming years, the University is investing in development projects related to teaching and research that are considered important by the members of the University community themselves – projects whose success or realisation is important for the future of teaching and research. The working language of the groups is Finnish.

The steering group for the digitalisation of teaching has three primary duties:

  1. Acting as a preparatory expert group making prioritisation and decision proposals on the development of teaching and research conditions at the University level (in cases where their development requires or significantly benefits from digitalisation)
  2. Assessing the University’s investment ability (in order to further digitalisation on the terms of teaching and research, not information systems)
  3. Commenting on digitalisation projects that are taking place in faculties and other units and are included in the project monitoring portfolio (as well as on their possible expansion onto the University level)

The steering groups also have the duty to ensure that the national-level digitalisation vision being currently prepared will be utilised in an appropriate manner at the UH.

Students are represented in the steering group for the digitalisation of teaching by one member, and doctoral students have one representative position in the steering group for the digitalisation of research. We are seeking these representatives with this call for applications. The term of the student member begins immediately and ends on 31 December 2022.

Free-form applications addressed to the Board of the Student Union should be submitted by 27 May 2020 at www.halloped.fi.

The Student Union hopes to receive applications from people with as diverse backgrounds as possible.

Apply here to become a student representative in the steering group for the digitalisation of teaching!

Apply here to become the representative of doctoral students in the steering group for the digitalisation of research!


For further information on the position and applying, please contact
Jenna Sorjonen
Specialist in Educational Policy
050 325 5202