Apply to the review panel for the Teachers’ Academy and earn some money!

Would you like to participate in rewarding excellent teachers while gaining important assessment experience and receiving a meeting fee yourself? Apply to the review panel for the Teachers’ Academy!


The Teachers’ Academy consists of award-winning teachers at the University of Helsinki who have distinguished themselves in teaching. The Academy seeks new members every two years, and the members are selected by a special review panel. The new members of the Teachers’ Academy are rewarded with a membership in the Academy as well as funds for developing both their own teaching and the teaching of their home unit.

The review panel prepares a proposal to the Rector on the new members of the Teachers’ Academy, with ten individuals selected. The review panel will convene once for this task, and each member of the panel will be remunerated with 250 euros! Training will be provided for the panel, and each member is also expected to thoroughly read the material on the applicants. The meeting where the actual assessment is done takes place in December, but the members must independently acquaint themselves with the applications before the meeting. We are looking for two actual student representatives for the review panel for the Teachers’ Academy. Working in the review panel requires command of the Finnish language.

The following are key events for the review panel’s operation, and the student representatives must be able to attend them:

–                    The review panel’s training for reviewers at 1–3 pm on 27 October

–                    The review panel’s actual meeting at 9 am–12 noon on 16 December


You must be registered for attendance at the University of Helsinki and able to attend the review panel’s training event and meeting. No special skills are required – having the desire to learn and motivation to serve as a student representative is the most important thing. In this position, thoroughly reading the applications is of primary importance, but no special skills are needed. The review panel will also receive training for its duties, so you will have a good foundation for serving in the position. Another student representative is also there to support you – we recommend cooperating with them.


Applications should be submitted at beta.halloped.fi/en by 11.59 pm on 9 October 2022.

Your application need not be long. In it, please indicate your current major or degree programme and study orientation as well as your student number. (The student number is only used to verify your attendance status. The information will be deleted after it has been verified.) The Student Union considers the following as advantages:

  • Motivation and commitment to serving in the position
  • Interest in learning about the Teachers’ Academy
  • Previous experience of acting as a student representative in administration, as a person in charge of academic affairs or in some other position related to student advocacy work

The Student Union hopes to see applications from representatives of different genders and people in different stages of their studies from diverse backgrounds. The Student Union strives to consider different disciplines’ representation when making the selections.

For further information on acting in the review panel for the Teachers’ Academy and the call for applications, please contact:

Marianna Suokas
Specialist in educational policy
050 325 5202