Apply to join the HYY153 Anniversary team!


Do you want to be involved in organising the most marvellous event of the autumn? Apply to join the HYY153 Anniversary team!

The 153rd Anniversary of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki will be held in the Old Student House in Helsinki on Saturday 27 November 2021.

This event would not be possible without an amazing Anniversary team. We are now looking for volunteers to join us. As an Anniversary team member, you will get to be a part of the events of the Anniversary weekend for free, get experience in event production and, of course, work in a great group of people. The entire group will be rewarded with an appreciation evening after the Anniversary!

There are numerous duties available and we need multi-skilled students to realise different parts of the celebration. We are looking for motivated people with initiative and, first and foremost, enthusiasm.

All HYY’s members may apply to become a part of the Anniversary team. The team will be selected based on applications and interviews. The application process and the volunteer work itself may be completed in Finnish, Swedish, or English.

Do you want to join? Fill in the application form by 11.59 pm on 17 October here. In your application, please tell us which position/team you are primarily and secondarily applying for. We will begin processing the applications and holding interviews already during the application period! Times for the interviews will be agreed individually with each applicant.



Communications team (2 positions)

The communications team is responsible for planning and realising the social media communications of the Anniversary on HYY’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, both before and during the party. We hope that members of the communications team are able to use social media channels creatively as well as have talent for communication and the ability to write interesting and witty posts.

The duties of the communications team will begin right after selection and continue until the Anniversary. We thus expect applicants to commit themselves to the position.

Song masters (2 positions)

Song masters are responsible for hosting the dinner party. In the position, you will have a key role in creating the atmosphere of the party. As a song master, you will also get to participate in selecting the songs sung at the dinner party. The greatest effort of the song masters takes place on the day of the Anniversary, but some advance work is required.

Heralds (6–8 positions)

As a herald, you will get to participate in the arrangements of the Anniversary in many different ways. Before the party itself— especially during the day of the Anniversary —the heralds will assist the Anniversary masters and the rest of the team in various duties. At the party itself, the Heralds’ duty is to guide the Anniversary guests, for instance. The herald’s position requires you to take initiative and behave in a dignified manner during the entire event. Those selected for the position will receive instructions and training on acting as a Herald.

Programme & Decorations team (2–3 positions)

The programme team is responsible for the arrangements of HYY’s Anniversary programme. As a member of the programme team, you should have ideas and enthusiasm for organising the entire Student Union’s collective birthday party, including decorations and the overall atmosphere. When applying for this team, experience of event organisation, creative problem-solving skills and the ability to manage large issues are considered as advantages. There will be much to come up with and realise, from major policies to small, practical issues.

Do any of these positions put a sparkle in your eye? If so, apply now! For further information, please contact Anniversary masters Leah Martin and Nea Airaksinen by email at vuosijuhla@hyy.fi.