Apply to become the chair or secretary of HYY’s Development Cooperation Committee for 2021!

The application period ends on December 15

The Student Union’s Development Cooperation Committee is still looking for a chair and a secretary for next year. The committee is a body operating under the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY), and its duties include:

  • Administrating the Student Union’s development cooperation projects
  • Cultivating discussion on developing countries and development cooperation within the Student Union
  • Organising various events related to development, developing countries and development cooperation
  • Publishing the Kimppu magazine, which covers issues related to development

You can participate in the committee’s activities on a low threshold, whether you have only recently become interested in the theme or are already an experienced development cooperation veteran. All members of the Student Union interested in the Development Cooperation Committee’s activities are welcome to all its events.

The chair’s primary duty is to coordinate the organisation of the committee’s official meetings twice a month and to motivate the committee’s volunteers. The chair prepares the meeting material, drafts the agendas on time and examines the minutes. The chair’s other duties include drafting the budget, making the action plan, managing the big picture of the operations and archiving the minutes.

The chair strives to develop the committee’s operations and, together with the rest of the committee, is responsible for the committee’s visibility and the continuity of its operations. The chair should be able to participate in as much of the committee’s activities as possible, including project meetings and the events organised by the committee. The chair directs and supports the activity of other committee members as well as coordinates HYY’s activities related to development cooperation together with the person in charge of development cooperation on HYY’s Board and the committee’s vice chairs by participating in the executive group meetings and the meetings of SYL’s development cooperation sector. The person in charge of development cooperation on HYY’s Board also provides instructions for project activities. The chair’s position is time-intensive but also very rewarding and instructive – not to mention that it may open doors to many positions elsewhere, too.

The secretary keeps minutes at meetings, writes them up, sends them to the chair for examination and prints them out for the next meeting for signatures. Writing minutes requires precision and the ability to focus. The secretary’s position is an easy way to get involved in the activities. The secretary’s duties also include active participation in the various events of the committee. The secretary is expected to approach their duties with precision and to commit to the position for the year 2021.

Free-form applications for the positions should be sent to the member of the Student Union’s Board in charge of development cooperation, Timo Kalliokoski, at timo.kalliokoski@hyy.fi by 15 December. The positions will be filled based on the applications on 16 December, and the applicants will be notified of the selections after this. Orientation for the positions will be provided after the selections have been made.

You can also read more about the Development Cooperation Committee from the committee’s blog: https://blogs.helsinki.fi/kehy-valiokunta

More information:
Timo Kalliokoski
Board Member