Apply to become HYY’s candidate for SYL’s or OLL’s Board for 2020!

1. What is the National Union of University Students in Finland?

The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) is a student organisation representing around 132,000 basic degree and postgraduate students.

SYL looks after students’ interests at both the national and the EU level in matters concerning students. The main areas of the Union’s advocacy work are educational policy, social policy and international activities. In addition to this, the Union tends to issues concerning student cards and student discounts as well as provides guidance and training to its member organisations.

2. What is the Finnish Student Sports Federation?

The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) is a national advocacy and service organisation for student and higher education sports. OLL represents students of both universities and universities of applied sciences. OLL influences, serves, trains, studies and acts on behalf of student sports in both national and international arenas.

3. Become HYY’s candidate?

HYY will decide on nominating potential candidates for SYL’s Board and OLL’s Board in the Representative Council’s meeting on 1 October 2019.

The Board will prepare the decision-making for the Representative Council. The Board is requesting all interested members of HYY to deliver a free-form motivation letter (which may include a CV) with a maximum length of two pages to kirjaamo@hyy.fi by 11.59 pm on 19 September. We hope that the applicants have knowledge of the Union’s/Federation’s field of operation as well as experience in the student movement and Student Union. If you wish, you can also express any wishes you may have about your role in the Board of the Union/Federation as well as your views on developing the operation of the Union/Federation.

The Board will interview those interested in becoming a candidate during daytime on Monday 23 September. The candidates will also have the opportunity to introduce themselves in the Representative Council’s meeting on 1 October. The preparation process will adhere to the memorandum on guiding national unions approved by the Representative Council. The memorandum also features guidelines on the method of selecting HYY’s candidates for SYL’s and OLL’s boards.

SYL’s Board will be selected in its Congress, held on 15–16 November, and OLL’s Board in its Congress on 20–21 November.

Further information:
Kukka Louhimies
Vice Chair of the Board