Apply to become coordinator of HYY’s Mozambique project for 2020!

HYY and the local non-governmental organisation Associação PROGRESSO are conducting a four-year development cooperation project that focuses on supporting the education of girls in their final years of comprehensive school and disabled youth as well as preventing them from dropping out of school. The project is carried out in the city of Pemba in northern Mozambique.

The project is realised as HYY’s own development cooperation project in 2019–2022.

The position is a position of trust, which means that no salary is paid. However, the coordinator receives a small compensation (€1,500). The coordinator is assisted in their task by a project group comprised of volunteers which is expected to make reports on their activities to HYY’s Development Cooperation Committee. Good coordination skills, experience of working on the project and command of Portuguese are considered as advantages to the applicants. The selected coordinator is further expected to:

  • Organise the meetings of the Mozambique project group and distribute tasks to its members
  • Keep in contact with our Mozambican cooperation organisation Progresso (in Portuguese)
  • Participate in the meetings of the Development Cooperation Committee
  • Plan possible project trips in cooperation with the project group
  • Cooperate with HYY’s Board in relation to the project
  • Monitor and manage the project’s finances in cooperation with HYY’s Chief Financial Officer

Applications for the position should be sent by 25 October to Kukka Louhimies, member of the Student Union’s Board in charge of development cooperation (kukka.louhimies@hyy.fi). Applicants will be interviewed based on the applications, and our goal is to select the new coordinator in the Board meeting on 31 October 2019. The interviews will be conducted by phone between 4 and 6 pm on Tuesday 29 October.

For further information on the position:
Kukka Louhimies
Member of HYY’s Board

Further information on the Mozambique project (in Finnish)