Apply to become a student representative in the board of UniSport!



UniSport has a Board with 10 members. The term of the Board is four years with the exception that student members are selected for two-year terms. The Student Union of the University of Helsinki nominates one member to the Board. The Board’s working language is Finnish.

The duties of the Board include:

  1. Developing UniSport’s activities as a whole with the leadership of its chairperson and in cooperation with UniSport’s director, in accordance with the universities’ goals for activities and finances, the universities’ strategic plans and the institution’s implementation plan;
  2. Process UnoiSport’s implementation plan including the personnel plan and the budget;
  3. Accepting UniSport’s principles of pricing;
  4. Accepting UniSport’s annual report; and
  5. Nominating UniSport’s vice director for the term of the Board.


The student representative must be a student of the University of Helsinki registered for attendance. The student representative should have freely motivated expertise on student sports. No special skills are required – having the desire to learn and the motivation to act as a student representative is of primary importance. Thoroughly reading the meeting material before the meeting, asking for the opinions of – depending on the situation – either your fellow students or subject organisation on the issues on the meeting agenda and speaking up at the meeting itself are quite enough to be successful in the position.


Applications should be submitted at beta.halloped.fi by 2 December 2022 by 11:59pm.

Your application does not need to be long. In the application, state at least your current major or degree programme and study track as well as your student number (The student number is only used to verify your attendance status. The information will be deleted after it has been verified.) Check above the position-specific criteria that should be indicated in the application. The Student Union considers the following as advantages:

  • Motivation and commitment to serve in the position
  • interest in promoting sports and freely motivated expertise on student sports, and
  • Previous experience of acting as a student representative in administration, as a study advisor or in some other position related to student advocacy work

The Student Union hopes to see applications from representatives of different genders and people in different stages of their studies from diverse backgrounds. We assume you to be available for the positions of both an actual member and a vice member. The Student Union strives to consider different disciplines’ representation when making the selections.


More information is given by

Teemu Virtanen, specialist in Social Policy
050 543 9605