Apply to a selection committee!


We are looking for at least three members for selection committees representing each faculty to prepare the selection of student representatives in autumn 2023.



This autumn, we are looking for student representatives for faculty councils and the collegium for the 2024–2025 term. Selection committees read through the applications for the positions of their faculty’s student representatives in the faculty council and the University Collegium and then make justified proposals to the Student Union’s Board and Representative Council on the individuals to be selected. The committees meet to conduct this task during weeks 44–47 (detailed schedule below). The final decisions on the selections will be made by the Student Union’s Board in the case of the faculty councils and by HYY’s Representative Council in the case of the University Collegium. In the selection committee, you will get to influence your faculty’s student representation and ensure that the most motivated applicants are selected to represent students in the University’s decision-making processes.

The selection committees must have a chair, a vice chair and at least one other member. Either HYY’s selection coordinator or specialist in educational policy will serve as the secretary. You should not be afraid of the chairs’ positions: the secretary is there to provide constant support and prepare the materials. The chairs’ duties consist mainly of chairing the meetings. This allows the selection committees to focus on their main task: processing the applications and preparing the selection proposals. This is a great opportunity to learn about administration and meeting practices as well as make decisions that affect the student community without making a commitment of several years! The position is also perfectly suited for retiring student representatives as you will get to use your valuable experience in the selection of new student representatives.


Who can apply for the position?

The requirements for serving in the selection committee are being a student registered for attendance in the faculty your selection committee represents and being able to attend the committee meetings according to the schedule below. Please note that you cannot act in the selection committee if you intend to apply to become your faculty’s student representative in the faculty council or the University Collegium.



Applications should be submitted at https://beta.halloped.fi/en by 11.59 pm on Sunday 10 September 2023.

In your application, please indicate the following:

  • Your current degree programme and study orientation
  • Motivation
  • Possible previous experience as relevant to the position
  • Whether you are available for the position of chair and/or vice chair of the selection committee

Your application need not be long. Previous experience of acting as a student representative in administration, as a person in charge of academic affairs or in some other position related to student advocacy work is considered as an advantage.

The Student Union hopes to see applications from representatives of different genders and people in different stages of their studies from diverse backgrounds. At least three members will be appointed to the selection committee, and we will strive to take into account the representation of different disciplines in the faculty when making the selections.


Please do not hesitate to ask for further information if you are unsure about anything related to serving on the selection committee or the application process! For further information, please contact:

Selection Coordinator
Venla Kinnunen, 040 763 9032, venla.kinnunen@hyy.fi

Specialist in Educational Policy
Riku-Petteri Kyllönen, 050 325 5202, riku-petteri.kyllonen@hyy.fi.


Further information on serving as a student representative and on the selection of student representatives is available at https://hyy.fi/en/apply-to-become-a-student-representative.

Meeting schedules of the selection committees

The meeting schedules of the selection committees representing each faculty are listed below. The first meeting is meant for going through the applications and possibly making the selections or deciding on potential interviews or similar arrangements. The second meeting date is meant for possible interviews and further processing, which means that a meeting is held on the second date only if needed. A shared training event is also held for those selected to the selection committees at 5.00 pm on 10 October. Further information on this event will be provided after the selection committees have been established.

Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences: 30 October and 6 November

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: 15 November and 21 November

Faculty of Pharmacy: 15 November and 22 November

Faculty of Arts: 13 November and 20 November

Faculty of Educational Sciences: 1 November and 8 November

Faculty of Medicine: 1 November and 8 November

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry: 2 November and 9 November

Faculty of Science: 13 November and 20 November

Faculty of Law: 30 October and 6 November

Swedish School of Social Science: 16 November and 27 November

Faculty of Theology: 16 November and 23 November

Faculty of Social Sciences: 2 November and 9 November