Apply for HYY’s operating grant for 2024!


Student organisations play an important role in building a sense of community and being part of students’ everyday lives. That is why HYY wants to support the activities of the organisations operating under HYY with a financial operating grant.

Any organisation operating under HYY is eligible to apply for an operating grant. Before applying, please read the conditions for the grant and its use, and the operating grant allocation model. Please also remember to fill in the information form for organisations, as this is a prerequisite for the grant. 

The application period for the operating grant is 1–29 February 2024. The application form closes on 29 February 2024 at 4.00 pm. We will not process late applications. 

To apply for an operating grant, fill in the application form. We will send an invitation link to the application form to each organisation operating under HYY. If your organisation has not received an invitation link by 1 February, please contact HYY’s specialist in organisations (janne.salokoski@hyy.fi). 

Operating grant allocation schedule and process

  1. The application form for the operating grant is open from 1–29 February.
    • You can update your application until 31 May.
  2. HYY’s organisational sector will process the applications in March.
  3. The advance on the operating grant is paid to organisations in March.
    • Please note that advances will only be paid to organisations that meet the conditions for receiving an advance.
  4. HYY’s Financial Committee will score the applications in March/April.
  5. HYY’s Financial Committee will make he final decision on the operating grants on 23 April.
  6. The final amounts of the operating grants will be paid in April/May.
  7. The final versions of the annexes should be sent to HYY by 31 May at the latest.
    • If the organisation does not provide all the annexes by 31 May, any advance paid must be returned to HYY. 

How to apply for an operating grant

  • Fill in the application form during the application period.
  • Attach the necessary annexes on the organisation’s activities to the application.
    • The required annexes are:
      • Budget for 2024 
      • Action plan for 2024 
        • Outlines the intended activities for the current year. 
      • Latest income statement (2023) 
      • Latest balance sheet (2023) 
      • Latest audit or operational review report with signatures (2023) 
      • Latest annual report (2023) 
      • Activity calendar for 2023
        • A summary of the past year’s events and participation numbers. 
    • Please acquaint yourself with the standard templates for these documents well in advance.
    • All documents must be officially approved as per your organisation’s bylaws and relevant laws, typically through approval at an organisational meeting.
  • A preliminary version of all required documents must be submitted by 4:00 pm on 29 February.
    • For documents not yet finalized by an organisational meeting, a draft version will suffice.
    • For any incomplete documents, please provide an explanation as to why they cannot be submitted by the deadline.
  • You can update your application until 31 May.
    • Please note that the final portion of the operating grant will only be disbursed to the organisation once all necessary documents in their final form have been received by HYY’s specialist in organisations.
  • If the organisation does not provide all the annexes by 31 May, any advance paid must be returned to HYY.

How the operating grant is calculated

We pay operating grants of different sizes to different organisations. The amount of the grant is determined by the applicant’s previous operating grant and the application submitted to HYY. All operating grant applications are scored by HYY’s Financial Committee. Higher scores mean a larger grant.

In 2024, the share of HYY’s budget allocated to operating grants is lower than before. Therefore, the average grant in 2024 will be lower than in 2023. Under the operating grant allocation model, the grant payable to an organisation will not decrease or increase by more than 35 % from the previous year, unless there is an exceptional case. We calculate the limits of the change for each organisation individually.

Advance payment of operating grants

We will pay an advance on the operating grant to all organisations that have duly completed the application form. In addition, to receive an advance, the organisation must provide HYY with at least 

  • budget for 2024, 
  • action plan for 2024, 
  • and the annual report for 2023. 

The advance is equal to one third (⅓) of the operating grant for the previous year. We will pay the balance of the grant once all the application attachments have been submitted to HYY in their final form. If the organisation does not submit all the annexes by 31 May, any advance paid must be returned to HYY. 

Further information

Janne Salokoski
Specialist (organisations) 
050 537 3798

Elsa Lindeberg
Member of the board (organisations) 
050 543 9610