Tuning Day 2019

Inspiration, development, tuning!

Do you want to develop yourself as an organisational actor? Would you like to get some tips and inspiration for tuning your organisation and making it even better? Join us at HYY’s Tuning Day to receive both training and inspiration!

Tuning Day is held at the City Centre campus on Wednesday 27 February 2019. It is a training event for all organisational actors and features a variety of training sessions – you will get lots of chances to learn something new whether you are active in a hobby organisation, a student nation, a subject organisation or a faculty organisation!

The event kicks off with a breakfast for everyone in Alina Hall (New Student House, Mannerheimintie 5 A, 3rd floor), after which you will get to participate in the workshops you have chosen. The day does not end with the training sessions though – the Tuning Day afterparty begins immediately after the workshops have ended. At the afterparty you will get to meet and mingle with other organisation actives in a relaxed atmosphere!

The workshops will be primarily in Finnish, so please specify when signing up whether you understand or speak Finnish so that we can make arrangements if necessary.

Registration is open to 22 February at 11.59 pm.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2524483257594259/

We follow HYY's event principles in this event.

Tuning Day schedule

8.30 am–9.45 am  Tuning Day breakfast (Alina Hall)
10.15 am–11.45 am  Workshops 1
12.30 pm–2.00 pm  Workshops 2
10.15 am–1.45 pm  Training session for treasurers
2.15 pm–  Tuning Day afterparty


Training session for treasurers
Training session aimed at treasurers, lasting for the entire Tuning Day.

Student organisations & GDPR
Trainer: MSSc Liisa Lähteenaho
Facts and fiction on data protection. What does the reformed data protection regulation actually cover, and which parts are just urban legend?

Fight, flight or freeze? – Interaction in organisational activities
Trainer: BA (Ed.) Krista Laitila, Vice Chair of HYY’s Board in 2018, learner through failed interaction
In organisational activities, people with different interaction methods strive to produce activities desired by members. But what if you do not seem to be on the same page with someone in your organisation or if you experience problems with interaction and the tools for reaching your shared goal are missing?

Make administration fun
Trainer: Sanna Supponen, former active in student organisations who has been managing the administration of various associations in her work and free time for over ten years.
The goal of this training session, aimed at the secretaries of associations in particular, is to go through the basics of association administration and offer tips for making it easier to manage the routines of everyday association life. Themes of the session include drafting and archiving documents, the Associations Act and meeting technique.

Goal-oriented communications
Trainer: Marika Tuominen
Are you getting your message through? In this workshop, aimed at the persons in charge of communication in organisations, we will assess the goals and planning of communications as well as how to monitor the realisation of goals.

Event organisation
Trainer: Elina Nieminen, member of HYY’s Board in charge of events in 2017, HYY’s Anniversary Master in 2016 and 2018
Is there something you have always wanted to know about communications, acquiring sponsors, budgeting or other basics of event organisation? We will tailor the training session to suit your needs.

Study advisor’s 101
Trainers: specialists in educational policy from HYY’s office
In this training session, you will get basic information on current issues concerning students in educational policy and on students’ opportunities to influence matters at the University. The training is particularly suitable for new study advisors and others interested in study advocacy work and does not require background knowledge of educational policy.

Educational policy – Impactfully and communicatively!
Trainers: specialists in educational policy from HYY’s office
What is happening in national politics in relation to higher educational policy in 2019? When should you meet the dean of the faculty face-to-face? How can you inspire your fellow students to get involved in the University’s strategy work? This training session is aimed at the study advisors of subject and faculty organisations in particular, but it is open to everyone interested in the topic.

Considering international students in student organisations
Trainers: Hannele Kirveskoski, HYY’s specialist in charge of internationality, and Linda-Liisa Kelokari, member of HYY’s Board in charge of internationality in 2019
How can you reach international students? How can your organisation act in an equal manner and take into account the wishes of its members who speak different languages? How can organisations act bilingually? This workshop includes discussion on ways to get international students involved in the organisation’s activities and for international students to act in the board of an organisation. We will be sharing good practices and making a plan of action for the participants based on them.

People are bullied in our university, too
Trainers: Class Teacher Minna Suorsa, member of HYY’s Board in charge of equality in 2017
A total of 7.5% of higher education students are bullied occasionally or frequently. In this workshop, we will think about what higher education bullying is, grow our courage to take action against flaws in our own student community and come up with ways to prevent bullying.

Towards safer events
Trainers: Jane Kärnä, member of HYY’s Board in charge of organisations, organisational communications and equality in organisational activities in 2018
What can you do for safety before an event? How about during the event? How should I act if something happens, and how do I take care of situations until they are over? In this workshop, we will go through how to take care of event safety preventively, how to take action against and act in the most common 

Further information on the event:
Samuli De Pascale
Member of the Board (organisations, equality (organisations), new students)