Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä
Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä

Map of tables for organisations

The map of tables for organisations is available below. The event area has been divided into four segments: A, B, C and D. The idea is that the organisers and guests of an organisation whose table is located in a specific segment would enter the area through the entrance meant for their own segment. This helps us avoid queues at the entrances. The segments and entrances have been marked on the attached map.

Suursitsit 2022 Plassi (pdf)

NOTE! Changes are no longer made to the table locations.

Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä
Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä

Table preparation in staggered turns

The preparation of tables at the dinner party will take place in two different slots, with staggered arrivals. Half of the organisations should arrive to prepare their table at 3.30 pm and the other half at 4.00 pm. The arrival time for each organisation is listed below. It is important that you arrive at the specified time to avoid queues at the event area.

Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä
Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä

Arrival of guests at the Senate Square

We recommend that you instruct your guests to arrive early from 4.30 pm onwards. This is because we will have up to 3,500 people coming to the event. Please remember to clearly inform the guests at your tables about the arrival time and the entrance they should use when arriving.

It is also especially important that you distribute the wristbands that entitle guests to entrance to your guests in advance. The wristband is the only wat to enter the area. Do not distribute the wristbands near the entrances before the dinner party begins, as this may cause queues to form there. You can pick up the shared song printouts for the dinner party at the entrances.

Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä
Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä

Event schedule

3.30 pm         First half of the organisations arrives for preparations
4.00 pm         Second half of the organisations arrives for preparations
4.30 pm         Arrival of the guests begins

5.00 pm        Dinner party begins, opening words
5.15 pm        Greetings from HYY and OYV (co-delegation of student nations)
5.25 pm         Greetings from the University
5.30 pm        Appetisers*
6.00 pm        Choral performance
6.20 pm        Greetings from the City
6.30 pm        Serving main courses begins*
8.00 pm        Desserts*
8.55 pm        Closing words
9.05 pm        Finlandia
9.15–10.00 pm Dance music: Savolaisen Osakunnan Soitannollinen Seura – SOSSu
10.00 pm      Event ends

* The entries marked with an asterisk are recommendations for the times to start serving the food you may have. You do not have to follow this schedule for serving your food, but it is advisable as it will help you reconcile it with the rest of the programme.

Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä
Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä


Everyone can take part in the Grand Sitsit without fear of inappropriate treatment or harassment. Safe space is created in the interaction between people, and each one of us is responsible for this. You can read HYY’s principles of safer space here.

The event also has persons in charge of event safety: Linnea Keltanen (050 543 8460) and Mikko Kanervo (044 500 9240). You can contact them by phone.

The security stewards are in charge of general safety. They monitor access to the area and are generally responsible for the event being safe for all of us. Please do not hesitate to contact them during the event.

There are also trained first aid volunteers provided by the Finnish Red Cross in the area. They will be stationed on the south side of the event area.

Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä
Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä

Did you miss out on a place at the Grand Sitsit? Don't worry!

There’s still a chance to get a place on the Grand Sitsit! We have collected all the available places of different organisations to one place and you can find them here.

This means that you can choose the organisation whose table you want to sit at. Please note, however, that the prices of the tickets and the number of seats and catering offered by the different organisations may vary. Remember also that if you book a seat at a table of an organisation, you will also sit at that organisation’s table at the sitsit.

Organisations that offer free spots:

Etelä-Pohjalainen Osakunta

Pohjois-Pohjalainen Osakunta

Setenta ry

Teologian Ylioppilaiden Tiedekuntayhdistys

Nylands Nation


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