We have a new strategy for 2020—2024!


As a result of the strategy process we started in spring 2019, HYY now has a new strategy in effect for 2020–2024. Check out what it is all about and immerse yourself in the secrets of our brand-new guiding document!

What strategy?

The Strategy is the Student Union’s second-highest guiding document, right after our Constitution. It examines the Student Union and its objectives as a whole and defines HYY’s purpose, dream, values and objectives. In practice, the Strategy acts as a tool in the planning of annual operations, particularly in planning the Programme of Objectives and guiding the work of the Central Office. The realisation of the objectives in the Strategy is monitored regularly using various indicators. The Student Union’s Strategy is in effect for one five-year term at a time.

The strategy process

All Representative Council groups were involved in the process right from the start. A separate working group was responsible for the preparatory work, with members of HYY’s Board in charge of preparing the strategy, Claes Bergh and Joonas Pulliainen, chairing the group. The Representative Council approved the strategy in its first meeting of the year on 31 January 2020.


Strategy 2020—2024 in a nutshell


  • We are a healthy and impactful community. We are building a more just and sustainable university community and society.

Values of the Student Union:

  • Education
  • Equality
  • Courage
  • Sustainability
  • Transparency

Objectives for the strategy period:

  • Meaningful membership
  • Volunteers as community builders
  • Accessible decision-making and influencing
  • Supporting student representatives
  • Bold advocate
  • Action and business that mitigate the climate and environmental crisis
  • Continuously improving work community


Browse through the entire Strategy through this link and draw inspiration from the Student Union’s diverse activities and objectives!