We are looking for a substitute document secretary!


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) is a corporation subject to public law with 26,000 university students as members. We act as an advocacy and service organisation for our members and the organisations operating under us.

We are now looking for a document secretary to join our ranks as a substitute on a fixed-term contract starting on 19 September 2022 or as agreed and ending on 31 August 2023. The contract has a fixed term because the secretary is hired as a substitute for the duration of a parental leave. It is possible for the document secretary to also serve as HYY’s Representative Council election coordinator from 19 September 2022 to 15 December 2022. A separate contract is made on the election coordinator’s position.

The position of the document secretary is a part-time one, with 20 hours per week. If the same person also serves as the Representative Council election coordinator, the position is a full-time one until 30 November.

Are you someone who takes charge of things, has precision in their work and can manage multiple projects at a time? Do you dream of duties where you could help ensure that the Student Union’s routines run smoothly and its administration has continuity? Would you like your work to include varying, diverse duties alongside some recurring routines? If you became interested, the position of HYY’s document secretary and Representative Council election coordinator could be right for you!

The document secretary is responsible for the meeting documents of the Representative Council, the Preparatory Committee, the Board and the Financial Committee, along with various other duties that help the meetings run smoothly. In practice, this translates into compiling, writing up, distributing and archiving different meeting documents as well as dealing with various other meeting arrangements ranging from reserving facilities to assessing the need for translations.

The document secretary is the person who ensures that everything runs smoothly at HYY’s Central Office. Their duties thus also include taking care of various daily business, such as ordering groceries for the office and maintaining and planning invitation lists. Support is available for the position, but independent problem-solving skills are a basic requirement in the position.

The Representative Council election coordinator’s duties include maintaining HYY’s electronic Representative Council election system, answering the questions of candidates and voters, coordinating the Representative Council election campaign and organising various events related to the elections. The coordinator works in close cooperation with the secretary general.

We expect you to have:

A good command of Finnish. Swedish and English skills are considered an advantage.

Precision in your work

Independent problem-solving skills

Good IT skills

You will get:

An interesting, independent and challenging job

A salary that is in accordance with the student unions’ collective agreement with potential bonuses for education and experience

Opportunities for education and development

Flexible working hours and opportunities for remote work

Awesome colleagues

The basic salary of the document secretary is 1,012.30 euros per month (salary group II in the student unions’ collective agreement), while the salary for the Representative Council election coordinator is 1,119.30 euros per month (salary group III). The salary is also affected by previously acquired experience and education. For instance, a person with a bachelor’s degree and no previous experience that is considered as an advantage could have a salary of 2,186.10 euros per month for both positions. The chief financial and service officer is happy to provide further information on the salary of the position.

Please send your application and CV to hallinto@hyy.fi by Sunday 28 August 2022, with ‘Asiakirjasihteeri’ as the subject. In your application, please let us know whether you are available for both positions or only one of them. We will contact all applicants by Friday 2 September, and job interviews will be held at HYY’s office on Thursday 8 September and Friday 9 September.

HYY emphasises diversity and equality in our activities. We hope to receive as many applications as possible from people with diverse backgrounds. We use anonymous recruitment in the first stage of the application process.

Further information:

Jaakko Kalske
Chief financial and service officer
050 524 0087