Tuning Day will once again see us offer training to people involved in organisations – do not miss out! 


HYY organises various training events throughout the year for people involved in the organisations operating under it. At Tuning Day 2024, we will be focusing on the different basic elements of organisational activities.

Inspiration, development, tuning!

Is this your first time getting involved in organisational activities? Did you just start in a new position? Would you like to get some tips and inspiration for tuning your organisation and making it even better? Take part in HYY’s Tuning Day 2024!  


Tuning Day is an event HYY organises at the beginning of the year to provide people involved in organisations with training on various themes that are useful in organisational activities. The event is sure to include suitable training for you whether you are active in a hobby organisation, a student nation, a subject organisation or a faculty organisation!  

Tuning Day 2024 is held 3.30–7.30 pm on 13 February. The training sessions are held in the Main Building of the University of Helsinki (at Fabianinkatu 33). The premises have an accessible entrance from the inner courtyard of the building, accessible through the archway from Yliopistonkatu 2.  

 Unfortunately, the training sessions are only held in Finnish. The training material will be translated into Swedish and English.  

We require you to register for the event in advance by 11.59 pm on Sunday 11 February. If a training session does not receive enough registrations, it will not be organised. Any cancellations will be announced by Monday 12 February.  

Schedule for the training sessions

You can choose any of the Tuning Day training sessions to form a suitable combination for yourself. However, please note that Training A is meant for all participants, while Training D lasts for the duration of both Training B and Training C.

  • Training A: 3.30–4.00 pm
  • Training B: 4.15–5.45 pm
  • Training C: 6.00–7.30 pm
  • Training D: 4.15–7.30 pm

A. What the HYY? – How does HYY benefit organisations?

B1. Communication in organisations
B2. HYY’s organisational premises
B3. Academic affairs 101
B4. Equality in organisational activities

C1. Event safety training
C2. Good administration – how and why?
C3. Taking environmental matters into account in organisational activities
C4. Group formation and inspiring people involved in organisations

D. Training session for treasurers


Further information

Janne Salokoski
Specialist (student organisations)
050 537 3798

Elsa Lindeberg
Member of the Board (student organisations)
050 543 9610