The situation and future of Alina training

As our premises are closed due to the coronavirus restrictions, we have not organised user training for Alina Hall for organisations that have made reservations to the hall for this spring.

Public discussion on the coronavirus situation is currently not very promising and we do not want to get anyone’s hopes up too much about Alina Hall opening again this spring.

During the spring, we will significantly reform user training for Alina Hall. We aim to abandon training events held on location and move the training onto our Moodle platform (https://moodle.hyy.fi/). Our goal is that the new training method would be in use from autumn 2021 onwards, but we will tell you more about this when we know more ourselves.


Further information:

Specialist (Organisations) Miran Hamidulla

050 537 3798



Janne Salokoski

Board member (Organisations)

050 543 9610