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Student representatives for the University Collegium selected!

HYY has selected new student representatives for the University Collegium for the next two years. A total of 52 students applied to become a member of the Collegium in the autumn’s open call for applications. Selection committees made up of the students of each faculty prepared the selections. The selection of student representatives has been described in more detail on HYY’s website. The new student representatives of the University Collegium will start in their positions on 1 January 2020. You can find the names of the new student representatives at the end of the article – check out who will be representing the students of your own faculty!

Students’ voice in the University’s decision-making processes

Student representatives are members of various decision-making bodies at the University, such as the Collegium, which represents our entire university community. They ensure that students’ interests are not trampled upon when making decisions that concern studies and student life. They voice students’ opinions in meetings, advance and defend issues that are important to students and develop the University to look increasingly like its students. Further information on what student representatives do is available in the new guide for student representatives. By contacting the student representatives of your own faculty about any problems related to your studies or ideas you have for developing the University, you can get your voice heard in the University’s decision-making processes!

Our highest discussion forum

The University Collegium is a multi-member administrative body for the entire University, its members including professors, other University personnel and students from all faculties of the University. The tasks of the University Collegium include appointing members from outside the University community to the University Board, appointing the Chancellor of the University and the university auditors as well as confirming the university’s financial statements and annual report. Through its discussions, the Collegium also guides the university’s Rector and Board in various questions of university management.

Selected student representatives

On 3 December 2019, HYY’s Representative Council has selected the following student representatives for the University Collegium for the term 2020–2021:

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
Onni Nyman (medlem) & Janina Koskinen (suppleant)

Faculty of Arts
Sampsa Granström (medlem) & Axel Ojala (suppleant)
Aleksi Tujunen (medlem) & Tia Niemelä (suppleant)

Faculty of Bio and Environmental Sciences
Inka Sylgren (medlem) & Tia Seppänen (suppleant)

Faculty of Educational Sciences
Heli Harjama (medlem) & Ella Rönkkö (suppleant)

Faculty of Law
Sakari Saari (medlem) & Juuso Lumilahti (suppleant)

Fauclty of Medicine
Arttu Lahtiharju (medlem) & Anssi-Kalle Heikkinen (suppleant)

Faculty of Pharmacy
Karri Aalto (medlem) & Aukusti Alanko (suppleant)

Faculty of Science
Taavi Heikkilä (medlem) & Mikko Pellinen (suppleant)
Jessika Isomeri (medlem) & Nico Roos (suppleant)

Faculty of Social Sciences
Paula Karhunen (medlem) & Aleksi Rytkönen (suppleant)
Jyrki Rantanen (medlem) & Topias Tolonen (suppleant)

Faculty of Theology
Jonna Rättyä (medlem) & Lotta Kirmanen (suppleant)

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Henrik Meriläinen (medlem) & Minna Lehtinen (suppleant)

Swedish School of Social Science (Svenska social- och kommunalhögskolan)
Janne Peuhkuri (medlem) & Tuukka Kainulainen (suppleant)


For further information on the selection of student representatives, please contact:
Jenna Sorjonen
Specialist in educational policy