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Student representatives for faculty councils selected!

HYY has selected new student representatives for the faculty councils of all faculties for the next two years. A total of 124 students applied to become a faculty council member in the autumn’s open call for applications. Selection committees made up of the students of each faculty prepared the selections. The selection of student representatives has been described in more detail on HYY’s website. The new student representatives of faculty councils will start in their positions on 1 January 2020. You can find the names of the new student representatives at the end of the article – check out who will be representing the students of your own faculty!

Students’ voice in the University’s decision-making processes

Student representatives are members of various decision-making bodies at the University, such as the faculty councils. They ensure that students’ interests are not trampled upon when making decisions that concern studies and student life. They voice students’ opinions in meetings, advance and defend issues that are important to students and develop the University to look increasingly like its students. Further information on what student representatives do is available in the new guide for student representatives. By contacting the student representatives of your own faculty about any problems related to your studies or ideas you have for developing the University, you can get your voice heard in the University’s decision-making processes!

Focus on the faculty’s major policies

The faculty council is an administrative body made up of the faculty’s professors, other personnel and students, and it is chaired by the dean. The faculty council develops teaching and research at the faculty, controls quality management of research and teaching, decides on the degree requirements, teaching schedules, student selection criteria and guidelines on financial and personnel issues as well as processes various far-reaching plans and other important matters of principle at the faculty. The faculty council is the highest decision-making body in the faculty, and in addition to its statutory duties, it can choose to discuss any themes it considers important or that need development in the faculty.

Selected student representatives

On 14 November 2019, HYY’s Board has selected the following student representatives for faculty councils for the term 2020–2021:

Faculty council for the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry:
Ville Lukkarila (member) & Janina Koskinen (vice member)
Linda Tiainen (member) & Anne-Mari Honkavaara (vice member)
Vilppu Tuominen (member) & Iida Tiainen (vice member)
Tuukka Törölä (member) & Karla Still (vice member)
Inka-Mari Sarvola (member) & Kia Tuominen (vice member) 

Faculty council for the Faculty of Arts:
Sampsa Granström (member) & Sofia Aalto (vice member)
Kim Keskiivari (member) & Maria Beslic (vice member)
Minttu Mustonen (member) & Robert Saroniemi (vice member)
Axel Ojala (member) & Mathias Nordberg (vice member)
Emma Palojärvi (member) & Tia Niemelä (vice member) 

Faculty council for the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Oona Käyhkö (member) & Saara Larmala (vice member)
Emilia Nordström (member) & Jasmin Haltilahti (vice member)
Roope Nykänen (member) & Pyry-Pekka Puustinen (vice member)
Aino Peltola (member) & Saku Mattila (vice member)
Tia Seppänen (member) & Maija Linkola (vice member) 

Faculty council for the Faculty of Educational Sciences:
Riikka Hormu (member) & Juha Saarikoski (vice member)
Nora Kannisto (member) & Anni Udd (vice member)
Rosa-Maria Laitinen (member) & Sanna Mäenpää (vice member)
Nina Strandén (member) & Jenna Kiiskinen (vice member)
Roosa Suontama (member) & Suvi Kanerva (vice member) 

Faculty council for the Faculty of Law:
Claes-Håkan Backström (member) & Joonas Tolonen (vice member)
Juuso Lumilahti (member) & Sammy Nurminen (vice member)
Sakari Saari (member) & Saara Palo (vice member)
Saana Sydänmaanlakka (member) & Teemu Hakala (vice member)
Toni Tähtinen (member) & Markus Petman (vice member)

Faculty council for the Faculty of Medicine:
Pinja Rantama (member) & Ville Liu (vice member)
Enni Rasmus (member) & Kaisa Krabbe (vice member)
Nadja Smedman (member) & Silja Suikkonen (vice member)
Andreas Stenbäck (member) & Fredrik Ahlström (vice member)
Henri Vasara (member) & Linnea Hurri (vice member)

Faculty council for the Faculty of Pharmacy:
Aleksi Kallio (member) & Rasmus Huotari (vice member)
Sofi Lemieux (member) & Simo Hintikka (vice member)
Viena Metsähuone (member) & Sanne Keskimäki (vice member)

Faculty council for the Faculty of Science:
Sonja Koivisto (member) & Jessika Isomeri (vice member)
Juho Koskentausta (member) & Taavi Heikkilä (vice member)
Matias Nurmi (member) & Ronja Öhrnberg (vice member)
Petri Björkman (member) & Otto Ahoniemi (vice member)
Sara Pyykölä (member) & Jenni Pykäri (vice member)

Faculty council for the Faculty of Social Sciences:
Aku Houttu (member) & Sara-Maria Maunu (vice member)
Jenny Kasongo (member) & Olli Castrén (vice member)
Hanna Pulkkinen (member) & Matteus Pellikka (vice member)
Akseli Rouvari (member) & Heta Ojanperä (vice member)
Jaakko Tuohino (member) & Kaisa Matikainen (vice member) 

Faculty council for the Faculty of Theology:
Satu-Sinikka Himanen (member) & Daniel Talvitie (vice member)
Marketta Kiiveri (member) & Janne Salokoski (vice member)
Saara Laakkonen (member) & Seija Tiihonen (vice member)

Faculty council for the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine:
Riikka Kokko (member) & Riikka Nikitin (vice member)
Joanna Martikainen (member) & Henrik Meriläinen (vice member)
Milla Takala (member) & Anniina Lehmus (vice member)


For further information on the selection of student representatives, please contact:
Jenna Sorjonen
Specialist in educational policy