Student Organisation Newsletter 7/2020


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Troubles with organisational premises: toimisto@hyy.fi 050 551 6145, jarjestosihteeri@hyy.fi, 050 537 3798.

Specialist (organisations): Jaakko Kalske, jaakko.kalske@hyy.fi 050 537 3798 (on vacation from 24 June to 6 August)
Board member (organisations): Lovisa Hirvonen, lovisa.hirvonen@hyy.fi 050 543 9615 (on vacation from 25 June to 5 August)


1. Updated corona instructions: Meeting and party facilities close until 21 August 2020

Further information on instructions and policies for organisations.


2. SAVE THE DATE: Restart on 15 September!

The Restart event, which kicks off the autumn, is aimed at everyone volunteering with us, which means that we will be able to get excited and motivated together with all active members of the organizations and committees as well as our student representatives in administrations. This year we will pay special attention to the exceptional operating environment created by the corona, as well as motivating our actors and helping them start and organize the autumn after a very challenging spring.

Sign-up, Facebook event and more information will be released during August.


3. Fresher Week to fill the vacuum left by the Opening Carnival and Fresher Adventure

The purpose of the totally new and remote Fresher Week event is to enable freshers to get acquainted with HYY’s activities, student organizations and university actors easily and safely – without forgetting to have fun!

Throughout the week we will present student organizations by specific categories via the event and HYY channels. We will briefly explain what kind of organizations the category/categories of the day in question holds and guide freshers towards the organizations info on HYY’s organizations page, from where they will be able to find the websites of the organizations that may be of interest.

Read more about how to be a part of Fresher Week!


4. Organisations: respond to a survey on your organisation’s need for training and support!

We in HYY’s organisational sector would like to ask the organisations operating under us what kind of support (training, instructions, concrete aid or support) you need for the autumn.

Respond to the survey before 13 September and help us support your organisation’s activities!


5. Ykä Punkkinen’s children finally have names!

The names of the children of the organisational sector’s official mascot Ykä Punkkinen have been decided. We got a total of 88 absolutely brilliant suggestions for the names – thank you everyone who participated with their suggestions! Board members Heikkilä and Hirvonen received the statements of the organization specialist and the organization committee and considered the names thoroughly and at length.

The following names were selected:
• Pulvis Tosu Kvalsterix Punkkinen
• Sooda Tase Peledug Punkkinen
• Tomu Tahlo Dustojevski Punkkinen

Congratulations to the dust mite family!


6. The organisational sector returns from vacation 6 August

Organisational specialist Jaakko Kalske is on vacation from 24 June to 6 August and board member in charge of organisation Lovisa Hirvonen from 25 June to 5 August. In very urgent cases, you can contact the general secretary Aaro Riitakorpi, 040 0816 426.

The sector wishes a sunny, relaxing and restorative summer vacation to all members of the
organisations operating under HYY! Remember to rest and take care of yourself.