Nominate your Organisation Hero 2023!


We are looking for Organisation Heroes!

Do you know an organisation active whose commitment, positive attitude or incredible innovativeness you admire? Now you have a chance to let us know who you think should earn the title of organisation hero in order for them to get recognition for their efforts!

You can nominate the organisational hero by yourselves or as a group, for example as an organisation. The heroe’s actions can be from this year or from a longer time period.

You can nominate an organisation hero by filling in the ‘Organisation heroes 2023’ form. Fill in both the heroes and your own contact information. You can freely describe the reasons for the nomination. Each Hero will be rewarded with a diploma with the description.

The Heroes will be published in the HYY155 party.

The form is open until 12 November 2023.

Further information

Janne Salokoski
specialist (organisations)
050 537 3798