New student representatives selected for the steering groups of degree programmes!


The newly selected student representatives will start in their duties on 1 January 2023.

New student representatives for the 2023–2024 term have now been selected for the steering groups of degree programmes in all faculties. HYY’s Board decided on the matter on 1 December based on proposals made by selection committees consisting of students from the relevant faculties. Before the new term begins, the deans of the faculties will confirm the selections made by HYY’s Board.

For the Student Union, this concludes a process that we had already started preparing in May. However, the wheels of administration will not remain idle for long, as there will be major calls for applications next year, including the calls for faculty councils and the University Collegium in the autumn and the selection of student representatives for the Board of the University of Helsinki early in the year.

The student representatives selected now will be provided with training for their duties on 8 December. After this, HYY will continue to support them throughout their term. Student representatives are extremely important for the advocacy work HYY conducts. On the one hand, they inform the Student Union of any problems with the degree programmes and faculties, and on the other hand, they serve as student advocates with the most expertise on the local level.

Did you miss the call for applications or did your plans for next year happen to change? We will organise supplementary calls for applications for positions that still remain vacant in January – keep an eye on HYY’s communication!

You can see all active student representatives in the Halloped application system.

Further information

Specialist in Educational Policy Marianna Suokas

Tel. 050 325 5202, marianna.suokas@hyy.fi