HYY’s honours awarded to Professor Markku Ollikainen, research foundation Otus and student organisation Matlu ry, among othe


HYY’s honours awarded to Professor Markku Ollikainen, research foundation Otus and student organisation Matlu ry, among others


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) annually awards honours to individuals and communities that have had a significant impact in society, distinguished themselves in the Student Union’s activities or otherwise advanced the Student Union’s aspirations. The recipients of the honours were published during HYY’s 151st Anniversary party on Saturday 23 November 2019.


One wide ribbon, two standards and thirteen narrow ribbons were awarded on HYY’s Anniversary. The Student Union’s most prestigious honour, the badge of HYY’s chairs in the wide purple ribbon, was not awarded this year.

The Student Union’s badge of honour in the wide ribbon was awarded to Chair of the Finnish Climate Change Panel, Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Helsinki Markku Ollikainen. According to HYY’s badge regulation, the wide ribbon may be awarded to an individual who has significantly promoted the Student Union’s aspirations or to whom the Student Union wishes to pay homage.

The justifications for the badge awarded to Ollikainen were as follows: ‘Climate change is an issue that is on the lips of nearly everyone in Finland, with worrisome research results constantly being reported by the papers. However, few have the skills or courage to offer genuine solutions to this wretched issue for our world – but this person does. He is known as the Markku of the Year 2019 as well as from the enthusiastic quotations of our prime minister but, most of all, for his distinguished work as the chair of the Finnish Climate Change Panel.’

The Student Union’s standard was awarded to the Research Foundation for Studies and Education Otus and the Science Students’ Association Matlu of the University of Helsinki. The standard may be awarded to a community that has advanced the Student Union’s aspirations.

Research foundation Otus, founded 30 years ago, has conducted groundbreaking, long-term work on issues such as the accessibility of education, students’ wellbeing and student cities.

Matlu ry has done valuable work in the field of student advocacy work. Through its own example, the organisation has also shown how it is possible to create positive interaction, informal encounters and places for discussion between students and personnel.

The Student Union’s badge of merit in the narrow blue ribbon may be awarded for notable and meritorious activities benefiting the Student Union. The narrow ribbon was awarded to Bachelor of Social Sciences Timo Jääskeläinen, Bachelor of Social Sciences Laura Luoto, Bachelor of Social Sciences Alviina Alametsä, Bachelor of Social Sciences Maria Loima, Student of Arts Jaakko Rissanen, Master of Law Otto Meri, Master of Social Sciences Sofia Lindqvist, Bachelor of Arts Tiina Parkkinen, Cashier Sanna Nokelainen from Ylva, Chef Jarmo Niemi from Ylva, Restaurant Assistant Taru Härmälä from Ylva, Cashier Guy Wurman from Ylva and CEO of PRH Sähkö Oy Pentti Rajaharju.

In addition to the honours, prizes were awarded in the Anniversary party for good student instruction and guidance. The 2019 Magister Bonus prize was awarded to University Instructor Anne Riippa (PhD), the Best International Teacher prize to University Lecturer Mulki Al-Sharmani (docent and PhD) and the Good Instructor prize to University Instructor Kristian Klockars (DSSc) and Professor Stefan Sjöblom (DSSc).



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