HYY’s Board for 2023 selected, Nea Hakala appointed as chair


The Representative Council of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki has appointed a 12-member Board in its meeting on 1 December 2022. Nea Hakala was appointed as the chair of the Board.

HYY’s Representative Council selected a new board for the Student Union for 2023 in its meeting on 1 December 2022. Nea Hakala (HYAL) was appointed as the chair of the Board, while 11 other members of the Board were also selected.

‘I am very touched by the trust shown in me and excited about the coming year with this amazing and skilled Board. It is a huge honour to get to lead HYY’s Board and our activities during the upcoming important year. We will now turn our eyes to the parliamentary election campaign and the strategy process, in which we will decide what we want our student union to be like in 2029. We have strong policies towards both the University and society, and our focus should now be on ensuring that our voice is heard. The wellbeing of everyone at the Central Office is extremely important to me personally, and that is something I want to look after next year, too’, states Hakala, the newly appointed chair.

HYY’s Board for 2023:

  • Chair Nea Hakala (HYAL)
  • Vice Chair Antti Kaijansinkko (Independent Left)
  • Chair of the Financial Committee Casper Enckell (Finnish-speaking Student Nations’ Representative Group)
  • Member of the Board in charge of Ylva and Chair of the Supervisory Board Christoffer Aminoff (HELP)
  • Eugenie Touma van der Meulen (HYY’s Greens)
  • Irja Vaateri (Social Democratic Students’ Association)
  • Linnéa Partanen (Independent Left)
  • Teemu Kovanen (HYY’s Greens)
  • Etta Melander (HYAL)
  • Alexander Pietilä (HELP)
  • Mikaela Lindberg (SNÄf)
  • Onni Nyman (National Coalition Party)

In the photo the backrow from left to right: Kovanen, Nyman, Vaateri, Melander, Partanen, Pietilä and Enckell. The frontrow from left to right: Touma van der Meulen, Hakala, Kaijansinkko and Aminoff. Lindberg are missing from the photo.

Before the selection of the Board, the Representative Council groups nominated their own candidates. There was one candidate for the position of the chair and 16 for members of the Board. According to HYY’s Constitution, the Representative Council elects the former of the Board, who is authorised to make a proposal to the Representative Council on the composition of the Board, selecting 7–13 members for it from among the candidates for the Board.

In addition to selecting the Board, the Representative Council meeting established the Preparatory Committee and Central Selection Committee and approved both the Regulation on the Selection of Student Representatives in Administration and the 2023 Programme of Objectives, which serves as the basis for planning HYY’s operations for 2023. The focus areas of our operation will include the 2023 parliamentary elections, development work on communication, preparation of the new strategy that is to be implemented in 2024 and an update of the Student Union’s Constitution.

Further information:

Nea Hakala
Chair of the Board 2023

050 344 3730