HYY's Board for 2022 selected, Aleksi Tujunen appointed as chair

HYYn hallitus 2022.
HYYn hallitus 2022.
HYYn hallitus 2022.

HYY's Board for 2022 selected, Aleksi Tujunen appointed as chair


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki has appointed a 12-member board. Aleksi Tujunen was appointed as the chair.

HYY’s Representative Council selected a new board for the Student Union for 2022 in its meeting on 2 December 2021. The council appointed Aleksi Tujunen (HYY Greens) as the chair of the board and 11 other members to the board.

”I’m really excited that I get to lead HYY’s board and our activities next year! I get to continue long-term work for our student community, face next year’s challenges and lead us towards Representative Council Elections with our amazing and competent board. As the chair of the board my most important thing is to make sure that the board and employees of HYY are able to work through the year. I also want that we as HYY sctively defend students’ interests on different levels of society. Let’s go towards dreams together, but keep common sense and always take care of our well-being”, states Tujunen, the newly-appointed chair.

HYY’s board for 2022:

  • Chair Aleksi Tujunen (HYY’s Greens)
  • Vice Chair Tommi Ostrovskij (HYAL)
  • Chair of Financial Committee Riina Karvonen (Student Nations)
  • Person in charge of Ylva & Chair of the Supervisory Board Mikko Kanervo (Edistykselliset)
  • Kalle Grönroos (SNÄf)
  • Nea Hakala (HYAL)
  • Aku Houttu (Independent Left)
  • Emilia Junnila (Edistykselliset)
  • Jenny Kasongo (Independent Left)
  • Linnea Keltanen (HYAL)
  • Benjamin Lamberg (Student Nations)
  • Sonja Naalisvaara (HYY’s Greens)

In the photo from the left: Kasongo, Naalisvaara, Kanervo, Hakala, Tujunen, Karvonen, Ostrovskij, Keltanen and Houttu. Grönroos, Junnila and Lamberg are not pictured.

You can read more about the members of the Board in the article introducing the candidates (unfortunately only in Finnish).

Before the actual selection of the board, the Representative Council groups nominated their own candidates. There were two candidates for the position of the Chair and 14 for the members of the Board. According to HYY’s Constitution, the Representative Council elects the former of the Board, who is authorised to make a proposal to the Representative Council on the composition of the 7–13-member Board from among the candidates for the Board.

The Representative Council’s meeting also decided on student representatives for the University Collegium, looked at HYY’s strategy’s yearly review, and decided on the next year’s Programme of Objectives, which will form the basis for planning HYY’s operations for 2021. The focus of our operation will be on preparatory work of both HYY’s Representative Council elections 2022 and Finnish Parliament Elections 2023, active work for equality, developing member services, and developing opportunities to participate for international students and bettering of of international students’ interests.


Further information:

Aleksi Tujunen
Chair of the Board 2022
050 475 1280

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