Have your say on HYY’s Equality Plan!


We are collecting your thoughts on the contents of the Equality Plan during February.

HYY is updating its Equality Plan this year. The Equality Plan guides the Student Union’s operations and describes how the people involved in HYY promote equality in the Student Union and student organisations. You can read the current plan here.

HYY’s Equality Plan does not cover the ways in which the Student Union advocates the realisation of equality at the University and in society. These kinds of political stances for the promotion of equality can be found in HYY’s Policy Paper. The Policy Paper is updated when the need arises.

You can now give us feedback and influence the contents of the Equality Plan! We want feedback and suggestions from both our members and the organisations operating under us. You can submit an initiative, propose a change or comment on the current plan. The comment round is open 1–28 February 2023.