Candidates for HYY’s Board for 2024


HYY’s Representative Council will appoint the chair and members of HYY’s Board for 2024 in its meeting on 23 November 2023.


Representative Council groups have nominated one candidate for the position of chair of HYY’s Board and nine candidates for the Board. According to HYY’s Constitution, the Board may have 7–13 members.

The Representative Council will appoint the Board for next year in its meeting on 23 November 2023. You can watch a livestream of the meeting on HYY’s YouTube channel from 4.30 pm onwards.


Candidate for the position of chair of HYY’s Board


Name: Antti Kaijansinkko

Degree programme: Law

Age: 25

Political group: Independent Left


The Board will have four fewer members next year than it does now. It would be unreasonable to expect eight people to do the work of twelve. For this reason, the Board’s work must be systematically adjusted to the changing conditions. A smaller Board can also be a strength, providing an opportunity for closer cooperation and a clearer experience of meaningfulness.

The chair’s role comes down to leadership. They must create a work atmosphere in which the contributions of the members of the Board are appreciated. At the same time, they must provide the members with clear expectations as well as space for personal growth.

I want to cultivate a HYY that is communal and fosters wellbeing, from the organisational level to the Board – and back.


Candidates for HYY’s Board


Name: Atte Ahokas

Age: 20

Degree programme: Geography

Political group: Independent Left

I’m Atte, a second-year geography student from the Kumpula campus. I’m the chair of the Independent Left’s Representative Council group and an active participant in civil society. My actions are strongly guided by the values of solidarity, equality and respect for planetary boundaries.

I want to be a member of the Board next year to help create and build our shared Student Union to make it even better than it already is. Our advocacy work must increase its focus on the challenges related to subsistence and the mental health crisis that are threatening students’ lives. As a community, we must create more safe and warm spaces where everyone can feel like they belong.

A better HYY is made together, and I want to contribute to this work.


Name: Anna Alaraappana 

Age: 23 

Degree programme: agricultural sciences, the animal science module 

Political group: Keskeiset, Edistykselliset 


Hi! I’m Anna, a fourth-year student of animal science from the Oulu area. Both studies and organisational activities play a major role in my everyday life. I have been active in various organisations ranging from a subject organisation’s club all the way to the executive committee of a national organisation. I have both hauled stuff around the city and had meetings with ministers.

I would be a good member of the Board because I can keep track of everything I have got going on. I love to talk and debate with people even if they do not agree with me. I believe that everyone ultimately wants good things for other people – it is just the method of getting it done that varies.

Members of our Student Union’s Board will definitely have a challenging job next year. The important thing to do is to find compromises to ensure that we will be as impactful and credible after another 155 years as we are now.


Name: Henna Heino

Age: 21

Degree programme: Theology

Political group: Student nations

Hi! I’m Henna Heino, a fourth-year student of theology, vice member of the Representative Council and active participant in the student nations’ activities. For instance, I have served as a gallery keeper and an information officer on the Board of the Satakunta Nation. I have also served on the Board of Osakuntalainen Unioni, which coordinates the student nations’ work on the Representative Council.

I have decided to apply to HYY’s Board for 2024. HYY’s current financial situation is serious, and I want to be involved in safeguarding HYY’s operation. HYY must focus on its core duties and support its students. At the same time, it is important to ensure HYY’s continuity. My diverse background and varying experiences have developed my ability to see the big picture, which is certain to prove extremely useful. I am a pretty good ‘jack of all trades’, which I believe is a major advantage during the next term due to the reduced size of the Board.


Name: Tilda Lassila

Age: 21

Degree programme: Politics, media and communication

Political group: HYY’s Greens

Hello, all members of HYY! I’m Tilda Lassila, a third-year student of politics, media and communication from HYY’s Greens. During the past year, I have worked as a Representative Council member and among the chairs of my Representative Council group.

If ever there was a time for HYY to act as a bold counterforce and defender of students, it is now – and in the future. HYY must be a voice people listen to. My vision for HYY’s future is a community that everyone wants to belong to and where everyone regardless of background can feel like they belong. In the future, HYY should be close to students and exist for students.

I’m bold, curious, cooperative and enthusiastic. I don’t compromise on my basic values, such as fairness and equality – and neither should HYY. Choosing me would give HYY a motivated and skilled member of the Board!


Name: Elsa Lindeberg

Age: 21

Degree programme: History

Political group: SNÄf

I’m Elsa Lindeberg, a third-year history student, vice member of the Representative Council and experienced member of the student nation community. I’ve accumulated experience of organisational activities and advocacy work over a period of several years through serving on the Board of Nylands nation and as a student representative in the University’s administrative bodies. Now, I am applying to HYY’s Board for 2024. The Student Union is currently at a critical junction. HYY must not forget its core duties – supporting the operation of organisations and advocating the interests of its students – in the current difficult financial situation. My diverse background with organisations has provided me with the resources to serve in any position, and I believe that my good interaction skills will be very useful when working on the Board. I want a HYY that everyone can consider their own.


Name: Tommi Mäki
Degree programme: Master’s Programme in Education, the home economics study track & Master’s Programme in Changing Education
Political group: HYAL

I’m Tommi, an active long-term member of the HYY community and a veteran in organisational activities. My extensive experience enables me to take on a position on several different sectors on the Board. I have been active in educational policy since the beginning of my studies, serving in administrative bodies ranging from steering groups to the collegium, while I’ve also served as the chair of HYY’s Committee for Academic Affairs. In my studies, I have learned a lot about social policy, and I represent the diversity of students myself as a student with children.

The next year’s Board must be able to work efficiently, which makes the wellbeing of its members a key issue. My empathetic nature and ability to be present will help the new Board to face the coming challenges in a sustainable manner. I’m ready to commit myself to building an ever stronger community. I want to be a part of a Board that boldly takes on challenges and resolves them!


Name: Jonna Rajala

Age: 28

Degree programme: Master’s Programme in Social Research, sociology

Political group: Independent Left

I’m Jonna Rajala from the Independent Left, and I am applying to HYY’s Board for 2024. I want to conduct advocacy work in HYY that is even more impactful than now while taking the diverse situations of students into account. I want to promote the kind of subsistence for us that does not force us to choose between getting into debt and burning out.  I have experience of influencing societal matters in various contexts as well as understanding of political processes.

My actions are guided by an aspiration towards fairness and equality. I want university education to be genuinely accessible to everyone regardless of their possible minority status or their parents’ level of education. Improving students’ income levels is key to this, and I’d particularly like to work on this in HYY next year.

During my free time, I read books and go dancing or swimming.


Name: Petra Pulli

Degree programme: Class teacher, educational psychology

Political group: HYAL

My name is Petra Pulli, and I am a sixth-year student of educational psychology and a dedicated student advocate.

My path as an active participant in student advocacy work began with a subject organisation and passed through a faculty organisation to the board of the Teacher Student Union of Finland (SOOL) and, of course HYY’s Representative Council. I have had numerous areas of responsibility during my active years, but educational policy, communication and equality are the ones closest to my heart.

My study path hasn’t been all smooth sailing, and like many others who have come to the University from an exceptional situation, I have also had to fight for my rights at the University. My experiences kindled a passion in me for defending students’ rights and interests, and I want to continue this work on HYY’s Board, too.


Name: Jesse Turunen

Age: 28

Degree programme: Law

Political group: HELP


Whoever reads this, you can be sure that my main goal is to promote your interests in particular. You may know me as an acquaintance, by name or otherwise – I will not leave you in trouble regardless. My goal is to safeguard your studies, your time as a student and the development of our shared Student Union in a way that serves all the expectations that membership in the University of Helsinki justifiably causes.

I’m an ex-member of Finland’s best boys’ theatre, which won the Finland Award, and an active music enthusiast who reflects on our society on a daily basis because its flaws may downright wind me up.

I’m an empathetic, attentive and bold person who is sure to look after your interests to ensure that everything is fair. In brief, I’m on your side.