Candidates for HYY’s Board for 2021


HYY’s Representative Council will appoint the Board for 2021 in its meeting 1.12.2020.


Representative Council groups have nominated one candidate for the position of chair of HYY’s Board and 12 candidates for the Board. The Board, made up of 7–13 members, will be appointed in the Representative Council’s meeting on 1 December 2020. Before this, you can meet the candidates in Zoom at 5 pm on 23 November 2020. All candidates will get to introduce themselves in the event.


Candidate for the position of chair of HYY’s Board for 2021


Name: Jessika Isomeri

Representative Council group: HYAL

Field of study: Subject teacher studies in geography and biology

Dear friends! I’m Jessika Isomeri, a 25-year-old subject teacher student in geography and biology. I am applying for the position of chair of HYY’s Board because I have a great desire to make our Student Union an even more participatory and impactful community than it currently is.

Especially with the current state of the world, we need a humane leader to lead the Board, someone with vision for HYY’s future and the ability to motivate members of the Board to work for our common goals. As the chair, I will look after the coping of the members of the Board, support them in their work and engage the whole team in collective decision-making processes. It would be a great honour to get to spend the next year leading a student union that boldly advocates students’ interests and rights at the University, in the city and in society.

I would make an inspiring and empathetic leader for the Student Union, one with the ability to support our entire community with next year’s projects. When, at the end of their year with HYY, the Board I have chaired is able to look back on their successes and the things they have learned and feel that it has all been meaningful, I will know that I have succeeded as a chair.



Candidates for HYY’s Board for 2021


Name: Tuomas Aho

Representative Council group: HELP

Field of study: Law

I’m a 23-year-old student of the Faculty of Law, almost exactly at the midway point of my studies. My background is in team sports and fairly extensive organisational activities. I am currently acting as the secretary on the Board of Pykälä ry as well as the chair of Pykälä’s Committee for Corporate relations. I have also previously acted on the Board of the Youth of the National Coalition Party in 2019 as well as on the Board of the Finnish Conscripts’ Union in 2018 and 2019.

I believe that HYY is faced with some major challenges in 2021 as the coronavirus situation goes on and mandatory membership in student unions hangs in the balance. Due to my organisational background, I feel that I’m the right choice to HYY’s Board at a time like this. Faced with these challenges, HYY must be able to manage its finances responsibly and develop its operations on a long-term basis while taking the changing situation into account.

As a board member, I consider myself to be diplomatic and consensus-oriented, although I do also have strong opinions when needed.


Name: Marianna Heinonen

Representative Council group: Independent Left

Field of study: Sociology

Hi! I’m Marianna, and I’m applying for HYY’s Board for 2021. I’m studying in the Faculty of Social Sciences, and I’m backed by the Independent Left. I have lots of experience with organisational activities, as I’ve been involved in a subject organisation, a faculty organisation and for a couple of years now in the Independent Left. In the Representative Council, I’ve managed to be present in each council meeting as well as being a member of the Preparatory Committee, a campaign manager and the chair of my group.

I would make a critical, caring, skilled and diligent member of the Board for HYY. My actions are guided by a strong sense of justice, a solution-oriented approach and intersectional feminism.

I want HYY to be more democratic, impactful and equal for everyone. The climate crisis, students’ subsistence and students’ increasing exhaustion all worry me. I want HYY to be antiracist, accessible and safe to all members.

On HYY’s Board, I’d be interested in equality, the city, municipal elections, subsistence, housing and climate and environmental affairs.

Besides organisational activities, important things in my life include friends, my little sister, reading and jogging.


Name: Oskari Heinonen

Representative Council group: Edistykselliset

Field of study: Politics, media and communication


I’m Oskari Heinonen, a student of politics, media and communication from the Edistykselliset Representative Council group, interested in societal affairs and student advocacy work. I’m applying for a place on HYY’s Board for next year because I consider the Board of the Student Union to be an important operator and would like to do my part to develop this intriguing operating environment. My strengths include an extremely high work ethic and several years’ worth of experience with different themes in the student movement and of acting in politics. Deep down, I’m a team player who is not afraid of work.

In my work on the Board, I’d like to focus, in concrete terms, on the promotion of advocacy work for individual students, urban advocacy work in the municipal elections and the status of student representatives within the Student Union. To me, advocacy work for individual students is the Student Union’s most important duty, and the Student Union’s operation should be developed sustainably and unyieldingly towards ensuring that the Student Union will continue to have the resources and opportunities to take care of its own members. Let’s look after the students of tomorrow, too.


Name: Fiona Helminen

Representative Council group: Independent Left

Field of study: Politics, media and communication & Scandinavian languages

I’m Fiona, a critical queer feminist from the green left, a student of the Faculty of Social Sciences and a humanist. In HYY next year, I’m interested especially in developing accessible and open communication, taking concrete action on equality after listening to minorities and conducting an impactful municipal election campaign.

During my time in the student movement, I’ve defended investments in advocacy work and sustainable development, paid attention to accessibility and always strived to get my entire Representative Council group’s voice heard in decision-making processes. My experiences as the chair of the Independent Left and the vice chair of our Representative Council group have made me a skilful coordinator and an empathetic leader – it would be amazing to now get to utilise these skills as HYY’s vice chair.

I want to be involved in building an increasingly equal and solidary HYY that advocates the interests of all students and ensures that future generations will also have a future waiting for them. I would make an easily approachable member of the Board for HYY, one who considers the wellbeing of both myself and others important.


Name: Tuukka Kainulainen

Representative Council group: SNÄf

Field of study: Legal studies and political science

I’m Tuukka Kainulainen, a 21-year-old student of legal studies and political science from the Swedish School of Social Science. I’m applying for HYY’s Board for 2021.

I’ve accumulated experience of organisational activities and advocacy work in many positions, including the board of my faculty organisation, StudOrg, and student representative’s positions in various administrative bodies at the University. Due to the current coronavirus situation, I’ve worked on issues related to student wellbeing in particular.

On our Student Union’s Board, I’d like to contribute to the promotion of student wellbeing and advocacy work in particular. I believe HYY should focus on its core duties: conducting advocacy work for students, supporting organisations operating under the Student Union and developing member services and benefits. It is also important that as many students as possible would have the opportunity to use affordable and functional student housing. I’d also like our Student Union to be a community where everyone can feel at home, regardless of their language or campus.


Name: Linnea Keltanen

Representative Council group: HYAL

Field of study: Meteorology and physics

I’m Linnea Keltanen, a sixth-year student of meteorology and physics from the Kumpula campus. I’m an organisational veteran with experience of all kinds of duties on the boards of several different organisations, the latest of which is the faculty organisation Matlu, which I’ve chaired in 2020. Over the years, I’ve acted in nearly all sectors of organisational activities, including in HYY where I’ve been in the Representative Council, among the chairs of my Representative Council group and in the Financial Committee. I’m applying for HYY’s Board because I want to be in the front row solving the challenges that the coronavirus has caused for HYY and HYY’s members. Through my experience and skills, I want to be a cooperative and communicative member of the Board who represents students from Kumpula with passion and is able to maintain a good atmosphere in the twists and turns of everyday life on the Board. I have a sunny disposition and can skilfully settle disputes as well as find the positives of even the worst days or issues.


Name: Salla Kuva

Representative Council group: Edistykselliset

Field of study: Politics, media and communication

I’m Salla Kuva, a 23-year-old first-year student of politics, media and communication and a newly graduated Bachelor of Educational Sciences. During the past Representative Council term, I’ve acted as a member and the chair of the Preparatory Committee as well as the chair of the Edistykselliset Representative Council group.

I never hesitate to take action against any problems I notice, and I believe that there is always something to improve in all activities. As a social and active person, I also have good cooperation and negotiation skills. I spend my free time largely among friends, exercising in various ways and with various projects.

On HYY’s Board, I’d especially like to get to work with educational policy, communication and equality. I have political, communication and educational expertise that I’d bring to the Board with me. During the current exceptional situation in particular, HYY’s role as an advocate for students is emphasised, and we can promote this with strong cooperation. HYY has given me a lot, and it is now time to give something back.


Name: Salla Lahdentausta

Representative Council group: HELP

Field of study: Pharmacy

I’m Salla Lahdentausta, a 23-year-old student from the Viikki campus. As a third-year student of pharmacy, I’m naturally particularly interested in the wellbeing of people and my fellow students as well as the operation of health care services. Ensuring students’ wellbeing and looking after their interests is HYY’s most important duty, which is why monitoring the effects of the FSHS reform is essential. Exchange students no longer being covered by the FSHS must also not be forgotten.

In HYY, I’d also hope to be able to utilise my own experiences in processes such as developing the Welcome Fair, bringing international and Finnish students closer together and improving the flow of information in international affairs. I’d like all our members to be able to and want to feel like they belong to our Student Union, which is why HYY must ensure functional multilingualism, for instance. My native language is Finnish, but I also speak fluent English, good Swedish and Spanish and rudimentary Italian. You can contact me in the language of your choosing!


Name: Sophie Nyyssönen

Representative Council group: HYAL

Field of study: General and adult education

Dear members of HYY,

I’m Sophie Nyyssönen, a fifth-year student of general and adult education. I’ve accumulated experience from several organisations, and it is now time to fill some new boots!

I’m applying for HYY’s Board because improving the Student Union and its operation and community has grown to be something close to my heart. The HYY of my dreams is a dear place of joy for everyone, a place where we can all influence matters! I want to be involved in ensuring that we students are heard on all the relevant arenas, that we are doing okay and that we all find communities where we can feel at home.

There ain’t nobody who could write

A tale just like you and I

It takes it all, gives back something more

Even if corona wouldn’t let us go

And I could not see you face to face

If you asked me again after a decade

The answer’d be

HYY 4ever




Name: Janne Salokoski

Representative Council group: Student nations

Field of study: Theology

I’m Janne Salokoski, a 22-year-old student of theology at the University of Helsinki. This is how I usually introduce myself, although I’ve been more active in organisations than in my studies. Perhaps activity describes me better. Activity is something I’ve always had. Volunteering with my parish, I found myself making plans and decisions and leading people already at a young age. A humane and responsible way of acting has led me to positions including the director of Kymenlaakson Osakunta and the chair of the Board of Osakuntalainen Unioni. On HYY’s Board, I intend to continue with the attitude and courage that comes naturally to me to work for the best of the entire Student Union. I feel that every student is important and worth representing, and this idea is something I want to contribute to.


Name: Inka Sylgren

Representative Council group: HYY’s Greens

Field of study: Translational medicine

I’m Inka Sylgren, a first-year master’s student in translational medicine. I want to dedicate the next year of my life to HYY’s Board and be involved in building a bolder, more impactful and more sustainable HYY.

Over the last three years, I’ve advocated students’ interests at the organisational and university levels while studying molecular biosciences in Viikki. Integrating international students into the University community, the realisation of equality on a practical level, and making the flow of studies smoother by listening to students have been particularly close to my heart. I still act as the student representative of my faculty in the University Collegium, in the steering group of my bachelor’s programme and in HYY’s Representative Council. In the Representative Council, I’ve learned more about Ylva’s operation during the last two years. Ylva is an admirable company that exemplifies the Student Union’s courage to conduct bold advocacy work that rests on sustainable development. I want to be a part of HYY’s Board next year to take Ylva’s ambitious projects forward and help build a more inclusive HYY that reflects its members.


Name: Aleksi Tujunen

Representative Council group: HYY’s Greens

Field of study: German and Swedish



I´m Aleksi, a soon-to-be 22-year-old fourth-year student of German language and culture in the Faculty of Arts. I’ve also studied Swedish and aim to become a language teacher. I’m a positive and committed person who is willing to cooperate in organisational positions as well as positions of trust. I have worked as the chair of the Representative Council group of HYY’s Greens as well as represented students in the University Collegium, in the steering group of the Bachelor’s Programme in Languages and as the person responsible for studies in my subject organisation, Umlaut. On HYY’s Board, I’m most interested in advocating for students on the educational policy sector. A sense of community, bold advocacy work and helping people are important to me. Working as a tutor, I enjoyed collaborating with the other tutors and helping freshers get acquainted with the University community. I want to promote an equal Student Union that boldly takes a stand on tackling climate change and solving the environmental crisis.