Apply to the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics Board!



The Aalto University Student Union, the Helsinki University Student Union and the Svenska Handelshögskolans Studentkår open the applications process for student representative for the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics Board on the 15th of November 2023 for the 2024–2025 term. Students of economics in the master’s degree or doctoral student stage in Aalto University, Helsinki University or the Svenska Handelhöskolan can apply. Student representative do not have substitute member.

The tasks of the Board include guiding and overseeing the finances of GSE and giving advice on the planning of research and teaching. In addition, they approve the annual report, name the representatives of the Board into recruitment processes and invite members into the national scientific steering group and the national steering group.



The applications will close on the 30th of November 2023 at 23:59, by which applications must be submitted. Applications are sent electronically through your own university’s student union. AYY’s and HYY’s electronic forms can be found at https://beta.halloped.fi/ under your own university’s tab. SHS’s applications are sent by e-mail to the address ansokan@shs.fi.

Grounds for selection The maximum length of applications is 2000 characters without spaces. The application must clearly state the relevant experience, motivation and training program for the task.

The grounds for selection are based on interest in the task, proven knowledge on how the organs of trust work and committing for the entire term. Earlier experience in student representative duties can be seen as a bonus, in addition to contacts to student organizations or otherwise proven contacts to other students.

Information on the names of applicants and their applications will be given for the use of the Aalto University Student Union, the Helsinki University Student Union and the Svenska Handelshögskolans Studentkår.

The choice will comply with the requirements regulations of each student union in addition to administrative law, the act on equality between women and men and the non-discrimination act.


More information is given by

Riku-Petteri Kyllönen

Specialist in higher educational policy

050-3255202 riku-petteri.kyllonen@hyy.fi