Strategy Fest

The exceptional situation drags on and festivals have been cancelled. As a student, you do not need to worry, though: the Strategy Fest is here – and it is bigger and better than ever! On 4–15 May, we are collecting your ideas on how to make the UH the best place to study in. We will also be bringing students’ views forward as the Strategic Plan is being implemented. The fest will include kick-offs, workshops, Q&A sessions with HYY’s educational policy people, wild brainstorming on Discord, surfing the waves of social media and, above all, virtual fun with educational policy among friends!

What strategy?

The University of Helsinki has a new strategic plan that outlines its goals for the entire 2020s. One of the most important goals in it is to be the best place to study and work in. The values defined in the document are Bildung, freedom, truth and inclusivity, while sustainability issues have also been taken into account commendably. What does all of it mean in practice, though, and how should it be visible to us students?

These questions are exactly why we need ideas and visions from you, all our students. To this end, HYY is organising the Strategy Fest!

Check out UH's Strategic Plan 2021-2030

Follow the Facebook event

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Facebook event

What, when, where?

Principles of safer space

Remember: safety first in virtual events as well! You can participate in all activities without fear of inappropriate treatment or harassment. Creating a safe space occurs in the interaction between people, and each one of us is responsible for it. These principles are followed in all events:

  • Be open towards one another and listen to one another.
  • Avoid making assumptions of other people.
  • Respect one another and the diversity of the community.
  • Provide everyone with space and the opportunity to participate in the discussions.
  • Do not bother, insult or harass anyone.
  • Use the kind of language that everyone can understand. Avoid slang and jargon.

If you experience or witness the above principles being broken or some other kind of harassment, please message one of our harassment contact persons.