5 September 2022

Opening Carnival

At the Carnival, both new and old students of the University of Helsinki will get a chance to explore the diverse range of organisations operating under HYY. Come find yourself a new hobby organisation, get to know your subject or faculty organisation and join a student nation – you can do all this in the same place during the same day! At the same time, you can also meet new friends and add to your overall badge collection.

Join the Carnival!

HYY organises the Opening Carnival to open the academic year on at 2-6 PM on Monday 5 September at the City Centre Campus!

Come and learn about organisational activities, meet your Student Union and the University’s actors, add to your overall badge collection and take in the music, good atmosphere and diverse supplementary programme. The programme is organised in Kaisa House, Porthania, Think Corner and in the outdoor area of the City Centre Campus.

The main act will be the amazing ILON – the Carnival will culminate in their performance on Porthania’s outdoor stage!

Programme and event area

Note that there can be changes made to the programme!

Kaisa House

  • 14.00-18.00 organisations
  • 14.00-17.30 University of Helsinki’s Library’s Escape Room (room 7062)


  • 14.00-18.00 organisations

Porthania’s stage

  • 15.30 ILON
  • 17.00 SOSsu

Kirkkokatu stage

  • 15.00 EOL
  • 15.30 Uvula Aurea
  • 16.00 POL
  • 16.15 Akateeminen laulu
  • 16.30 Akademiska Damkören Lyran
  • 16.45 Ylioppilasteatteri
  • 17.15 WiOL
  • 17.30 Ylioppilaskunnan laulajat
  • 17.40 SOL

Intersection of Yliopistonkatu and Fabianinkatu

  • 15.30-16 Martial Arts Performance
    • 15.30 aikido
    • 15.35 judo
    • 15.40 karate
    • 15.45 taekwon-do
    • 15.50 taido
    • 15.55 kashima shinryu
    • 16.00 kendo

Think Corner

  • 14.00-18.00 Matriculation writing, from which the Freshers receive university totes
  • 18.00 Rector’s Nightmare

The Carnival atmosphere continues on late into the night at Fuksidisko in the Tavastia night club! The joint party of student nations starts at 9 PM, and before that you can check out the nations’ preparties.

Read more about Fuksidisko!

More than 160 actors are participating in the event!

At the Opening Carnival you can get to know, for example, HYY’s Committees, student organisations operating under HYY and different actors of the University. If you can’t wait until the Opening Carnival, you can make acquaintance with the participants beforehand!

Get to know committees

Get to know organisations

Stay tuned!

You can find the most up-to-date information about the Carnival in HYY’s social media channels! Check out the event on Facebook or get into the atmosphere in HYY’s Instagram.

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