We are looking for a specialist in educational policy!


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki is looking for a specialist in educational policy to join our ranks on a permanent contract. We hope that the selected person could start on 27 March or as agreed.

Does educational policy inspire you? Good – it certainly inspires us. Is looking after students’ interests pretty much the best thing you can imagine? Great! Do you dream of a career where you get to directly influence students’ lives? That is exactly what we do. We want you if you are a good networker, keep tabs on any changes in educational policy and speak fluent academese but can also explain things in plain terms. Besides your enthusiasm for educational policy, you should also be a good fit for our relaxed and skilled work community.

The duties of your job include overseeing the selection of student representatives in administration as well as motivating them, providing them with training for their work and actively communicating with them. Your responsibilities also include students’ legal protection as well as advocacy work and learning objectives for tutors. In your work, you represent the Student Union in various working groups and drive the Student Union’s policies forward. You are also in charge of presenting your sector’s issues to HYY’s Board. In addition to all this, your duties include maintaining contacts with various parties, such as the University, and communicating about issues related to educational policy both within the office and externally, through social media, for instance. The job requires fluent skills of the Finnish language.

We are:

  • A student union with around 26,000 members
  • An efficient, active and passionate actor in advocacy work
  • An enthusiastic and youthful work community, consisting of 8 specialists and 12 members of the Board among others, that gets things done together in a competent yet relaxed fashion

We expect you to have:

  • Basic knowledge of educational policy and its current trends
  • Precision in your work and the ability to manage large issues and bring matters to their conclusion
  • Higher education studies
  • A fluent command of Finnish
  • Understanding of good administration
  • The desire to develop as an expert in educational policy

We would also prefer you to have:

  • A good command of English and Swedish
  • The ability to communicate about your sector’s matters in a clear, understandable and inspiring manner
  • Understanding of the basics of students’ legal protection

You will get:

  • An interesting, independent and challenging job
  • A salary that is in accordance with the student unions’ collective agreement*, with potential bonuses for education and experience. We also provide a full lunch benefit as well as a sports benefit.
  • Opportunities for education and development
  • Awesome colleagues

Interested? Apply for the position right away or by 5 March by sending your free-form application letter along with your CV to hallinto@hyy.fi with ‘Asiantuntija’ as the subject.

The application period ends at 11.59 pm on 5 March. Interviews will be held on Thursday 9 March and Friday 10 March. Applicants invited to the interviews will be given a pre-assignment in connection with their invitations, and they are expected to present the completed assignment at the interview. The selection will be made in a meeting of HYY’s Board on 13 March. For further information, please contact Secretary General Mikko Kymäläinen (0400 816 426, mikko.kymalainen@hyy.fi).

HYY emphasises diversity and equality in our activities. We hope to receive as many applications as possible from people with diverse backgrounds. We use anonymous recruitment in the first stage of the application process.


Further information

Mikko Kymäläinen
Secretary General
0400 816 426


* The basic salary of HYY’s specialists is 2,398.5 euros per month (salary group III in the student unions’ collective agreement). The salary is also affected by previously acquired experience and education. A full lunch benefit (266.7 euros per month on average) is provided on top of the salary. For instance, a person with a bachelor’s degree and no previous experience that is considered as an advantage would have a salary of 2,725.16 euros per month, including the lunch benefit. The secretary general is happy to provide further information on the salary of the position.