Student Organisation Newsletter 9 / 2020

1 Situation report on the coronavirus
2 Registration for Restart is open!
3 Take part in a training session on event safety!
4 Internationalisation Guide
5 Apply for furniture purchasing grant!
6 Overall badges from Promler at a 15% discount to HYY’s members for the rest of the year 2020


1 Situation report on the coronavirus


The organisational sector is reviewing the coronavirus situation every two weeks and will inform you of the situation with the restrictions as well as other possible matters related to the coronavirus situation in the newsletter for organisations.

The coronavirus situation has not significantly improved, which means that the previously announced restrictions are still in effect. You can remind yourself of them here: www.hyy.fi/coronainstructions

If you or your organisation have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the organisational sector! Our contact information is available on HYY’s website, both on the page for coronavirus instructions and on the contact page.



2 Registration for Restart is open!


Would you like to get encouragement, support and new ideas for kickstarting the autumn’s activities? Join us at Restart, the event that helps you ease gently back to volunteering after the summer holiday.

Sign-ups are open from 1 September to 13 September.

More information on the workshops will be available on the sign-up page.



5.00 pm: Opening the event
5.20 pm: Inspiring speeches
6.00 pm: Current news for volunteers
6.20 pm: Workshop 1
7.00 pm: Break
7.10 pm: Workshop 2
7.50 pm: Break
8.00 pm: Closing words

The event will be held remotely.

For further information, check out the Facebook event.



3 Take part in a training session on event safety!


Have you ever wondered about the safety of student events? What is included in the concept of event safety, and how could event safety be improved? What about remote events – how do you take event safety into account in them?

The training has been designed by the Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention (EHYT), and it will be organised as a remote event at 5.00 pm on 23 September. The training is aimed at the harassment contact persons and people in charge of equality or event safety in organisations operating under HYY as well as anyone else interested in the theme.

Sign-ups are open until 11.59 pm on Monday 21 September.

Read further and sign up!



4 Internationalisation Guide


Do you find it difficult to reach international students in organisational activities? Does it look like the coronavirus will further complicate your organisation’s international activities? Not to worry! HYY’s specialists have put together some practical tips on how to better take international students into account in organisational activities.

For now, this information can be found here: https://hyy.fi/app/uploads/2020/08/kv-ohjeet-jarjestoille-eng.pdf



5 Apply for furniture purchasing grant!


HYY supports furniture purchases for interior decoration in organisational premises. The grant is intended for organisations which primarily operate on HYY’s premises and the grant is mainly directed to the purchasing of tables, chairs, cupboards with locks and other interior items. The aim is that the furniture would increase the cosiness of the organisational premises and the willingness of organisations to look after their premises even better.

When allocating the furniture grant, we pay attention to the following: the ecological aspect, sustainability and necessity of the purchase. The furniture grant is not supposed to cover the entire purchase price but organisations are also expected to participate in the financing of the purchase.

The grant can be applied all year round. You can apply for the grant with an informal application, which should include the following information:

– applying organisation/organisations
– applied furniture
– budget
– reasons for the purchase

Applications can be submitted by e-mail to jarjesto(at)hyy.fi or by mail to the Student Union of the University of Helsinki, PL 1099, 00101 HELSINKI. Organisations that receive the grant must provide copies of the receipts to the same address no later than within four months after the allocation of the grant.

Further information:

Specialist (Organisations) Jaakko Kalske

050 537 3798




6 Overall badges from Promler at a 15% discount to HYY’s members for the rest of the year 2020


HYY has agreed on a special discount for all HYY’s organisations on overall badge orders from Promler.fi!

We will get overall badges for a discounted price (-15%) for the entire year 2020 as long as we remember to mention the discount code.

The discount code is meant only for HYY’s organisations and can be found in the e-mail version.

The discount code concerns new orders with a normal delivery time.

Contact: info@promler.fi

Here is a link to our cooperation partner’s site: http://www.promler.fi/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/promler

Instagram: @promlerfi