Lauri Hatakka selected as member of HYY’s Board


Lauri Hatakka selected as member of HYY’s Board


The Representative Council of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki has supplemented the Student Union’s Board with Bachelor of Science Lauri Hatakka, a fifth-year subject teacher student in physics and mathematics.


HYY’s Representative Council selected Lauri Hatakka from the student nations’ council group as member of HYY’s Board in its fifth meeting of the year. Lauri will be responsible for chairing the Financial Committee and for the autumn’s Representative Council elections.

‘Generally speaking, I’m looking forward to getting to participate in the Student Union’s operations. Chairing the Financial Committee is also an especially interesting opportunity to work with the Student Union’s finances’, states Lauri, who is eagerly awaiting his duties to begin.

Lauri, who moved to Helsinki from Kuopio for his studies, has been active among a wide variety of organisations. He has served on the boards of both student nations and subject organisations. In Representative Council activities, he has served both in Ylva’s Supervisory Board and as vice chair of his Representative Council group. During his free time, Lauri especially enjoys disc golf, while he also mentions hiking as a new hobby of his.

Lauri’s predecessor, Riina Karvonen, resigned from her duties at the end of August. Benjamin Lamberg is currently acting as the temporary chair of the Financial Committee.


Further information

Aleksi Tujunen

Chair of the Board

050 475 1280