HYY's May Day speech at Ullanlinnanmäki 1st May 2022


HYY's May Day speech at Ullanlinnanmäki 1st May 2022


Dear listeners,

I wish you happy May Day.

We are finally getting to celebrate a traditional May Day with such a large crowd here at Ullanlinnanmäki. This brings to mind fond memories that seemed to have faded away during these last two years. I am especially happy for new students who now get to celebrate May Day in the traditional way.

As I enjoyed this feeling, I became aware of how special an occasion we are about to experience. This celebration that is part of a long tradition of students’ and workers’ history cannot be taken for granted. Many other things that we consider important have also been put to the test in recent global crises. We have had to learn – sometimes the hard way – what we consider important and worth protecting.

When we do not take things for granted, it is easier to value them even more. Reunions are all the more joyous and memories deeper. This feeling also creates a desire to share the good experiences with everyone and to ensure that the tradition is preserved.

Now that we have realised how important communality is, I hope that we will also continue to work for it in the future. Doing so ensures that we will not take one another for granted.

I would also like to invite every international member of our community to our May Day celebration. I hope that this celebration means as much to you as it does to us.

Now let’s celebrate to make up for the years we missed and make sure that future generations will also get to party on this hill with us.

Thank you!


Tommi Ostrovskij

Vice chair of HYY’s Board