HYY awarded honours to active students and other people involved in the University community


HYY annually awards honours to individuals and communities that have had a significant impact in society, distinguished themselves in the Student Union’s activities or otherwise advanced the Student Union’s aspirations.

The recipients of the honours were published during HYY’s 155th Anniversary on Wednesday 29 November 2023. Three badges of honour in the wide ribbon, three standards and nine narrow ribbons were awarded at the Anniversary.  The Student Union’s most prestigious honour, the badge of HYY’s chairs in the wide purple ribbon, was not awarded this year.

According to HYY’s badge regulation, the wide ribbon may be awarded to an individual who has significantly promoted the Student Union’s aspirations or to whom the Student Union wishes to pay homage. The wide ribbon with the Student Union’s badge of honour was awarded to three people:

  • Risto Karinkanta, long-term member of Hoas’s Board
  • Sari Lindblom, Rector of the University of Helsinki
  • Tom Böhling, Vice Rector of the University of Helsinki

The Student Union’s standard may be awarded to a community that has advanced the Student Union’s aspirations. The standard was awarded to three communities:

  • StudOrg – StudentOrganisationen vid Svenska social- och kommunalhögskolan vid Helsingfors universitet rf
  • ArtSU – University of the Arts Student Union
  • TKO-Äly ry – organisation for students of computer science at the University of Helsinki

The narrow ribbon with the Student Union’s badge of merit may be awarded for notable and meritorious activities benefiting the Student Union. The narrow ribbon was awarded to nine people:

  • Aukusti Alanko
  • Sampsa Granström
  • Taavi Heikkilä
  • Linda-Liisa Kelokari
  • Salla Kuva
  • Arttu Lahtiharju
  • Tommi Ostrovskij
  • Joonas Tolonen
  • Laura Wathén

In addition to the honours, prizes for good student instruction and teaching were also awarded during the Anniversary.

Further information

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