HYY Influences

Development co-operation

Development cooperation is an important part of HYY’s societal advocacy work. HYY has, in fact, engaged in development cooperation in various forms since the 1950s. The Student Union has taken a strong stance for increasing the national development cooperation appropriations, and HYY itself annually directs 0.7% of its operating finances’ expenses directly to development cooperation.

HYY has its own development cooperation project in Bangladesh

HYY has a development cooperation project in Bangladesh that focuses on the climate resilience of communities and runs from 2016 to 2018. HYY’s cooperation partner in the ‘community-based climate resilience programme in Bangladesh’ project is BARCIK, a Bangladeshi non-governmental organisation that promotes the utilisation of local skills and knowledge in developmental projects, education and research. HYY funds the Bangladesh project itself, annually using 0.7% of its operating finances’ expenses for the project. In addition to this, the project is supported by fundraising and the Bangladeshi days organised in Unicafe restaurants. The Development Cooperation Committee is also planning a new development cooperation project for the coming years.

Besides the project, HYY’s Development Cooperation Committee annually organises the Development Cooperation Week and publishes the Kimppu online magazine.

The member of the board in charge of development cooperation and the Development Cooperation Committee that operates under the Board are responsible for HYY’s development cooperation activities. All Student Union members interested in the Committee’s activities are welcome to join it. The Committee meets every other week during academic terms, and organises excursions, discussion nights and other events. For current information on the projects and other development cooperation activities, please visit the website of the Development Cooperation Committee.