THX on the Beach

Organisational volunteer, committee member, student representative or Representative Council member – this night is for you!

Appreciation party for volunteers operating under us

THANK YOU, organisational volunteer! You have been involved in providing numerous students with the opportunity to belong in a community, to have a hobby and to influence matters. You have taken care of the members of our Student Union by looking after their rights and interests.

THANK YOU, committee member! Thank you for having been a part of making our Student Union better and more impactful as well as for making it reflect its members.

THANK YOU, student representative – whichever body you act in! You are the guard and voice of students at the University and thus carry out one of the most important duties of our Student Union.

THANK YOU, Representative Council member! Thank you for your activity as one of the highest decision-makers in the Student Union! Your decisions have made our Student Union what it is now, and your work helps us keep going for years to come.

Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä
Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä

Summer in the middle of December!

We want to thank all of you collectively on International Volunteer Day on 5 December, so we will bring you summer in the middle of December! Feel the sand between your toes and enjoy the holiday mood and warmth while lying on a lounger. The party will be held in Biitsi in the brand-new Tripla.

Put on clothes that are appropriate for summer heat and take your flip-flops or other beach shoes with you if you wish. Outdoor shoes are left in the cloakroom before stepping onto the beach. Bring your sauna gear with you, too, if you wish to enjoy the beach view from the sauna facilities.

Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä
Photo by: Ville-Veikko Niemelä

Reward yourself for all your hard work during the year!

We will offer all participants a buffet meal at the beach party, and you can buy drinks from a bar throughout the evening. There will also be some casual activities for all. However, the most important thing is for you to be there to have fun, enjoy the company and warmth, and reward yourself for all your hard work during the year.

Sign up quickly!

Sign up for the event by 27 November. The event is free for all volunteers operating under us. Sign up quickly to secure your spot in the hottest party of the winter!

Sign up now!

The best thing about this year has been a receptive, supportive and inspiring community where it is easy to develop my skills and influence on the things that are important to me.

-Lovisa, committee member-

Event principles

Our principles of safe space are in effect at the event.

  • Care about the people around you. Care about how they are doing, how they feel and how your words and actions affect them.
  • HYY’s events have zero tolerance for all kinds of harassment, racism, bullying and discrimination.
  • Respect other people’s physical and mental integrity. No means no; do not harass anyone verbally, by touching them or by staring at them.
  • If you see or experience inappropriate behaviour, you have the right to take action against it or report the incident to the safety contact persons of the event. If you wish, you may also contact HYY’s harassment contact persons after the event.
  • Contribute to a positive atmosphere with your own actions.