The FSHS expansion – what do you need to know?

At the beginning of 2021, the FSHS’s services will expand to cover students of universities of applied sciences, too. From the perspective of HYY’s members, many things will remain the same, but you should pay attention especially to the changed payment procedure. Read more below!


In the future, the FSHS payment will NOT be collected as part of the Student Union’s membership fee. Instead, all students entitled to use the services are responsible for making the payment for each academic term themselves in Kela’s e-service. The FSHS expansion has been taken into account in the Student Union’s membership fee for the academic year 2020–2021: no fee has been collected for the FSHS’s services for spring 2021.

The health care fee for higher education students in 2021 is €35,80 per academic term, adding up to €71,60 for the academic year. The fee is a tax-like charge: it is mandatory for all students registered for attendance. At the same time, the FSHS will stop collecting separate appointment fees.

Who can use the FSHS’s services?

All students completing a basic degree in universities and universities of applied sciences who have registered for attendance for the academic term may use the FSHS’s services. In other words, you are covered by the FSHS’s services if you are completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree at a university.

The following groups are not covered by the FSHS’s services:

  • International exchange students arriving from abroad
  • Students of the Open University
  • Continuing education students
  • Postgraduate students
  • Commissioned education students

If you are not covered by the FSHS’s services, you can turn to municipal health care.

Exchange students arriving from within the EU/EEA can contact the city’s student health care.

For exchange students arriving from outside the EU/EEA, we recommend the use of health insurance and turning to private service providers.

The FSHS’s services

The basic task of the FSHS is to organise health care services for students and to promote students’ health and study ability as well as the wellbeing of the study environment.

The FSHS organises general health, oral health and mental health services for students. Students should primarily always contact the FSHS before going over to public or private health services.

Further information on the contents of the services is available here:

To make an appointment with the FSHS, call them to have your need for treatment assessed: oral health services 046 710 1085; other services 046 710 1073.

You can also make an appointment through the FSHS’s SelfChat.