What municipal elections?

The municipal elections are held to elect 85 council members for the City Council, the highest decision-making body in the City of Helsinki. The council decides on financial matters in the city as well as the organisation of city administration. It also appoints the City Board and the members of committees, fills the most important positions and appoints the mayor and vice mayors.

The municipal elections are, above all, elections that represent local democracy, as the decision-makers elected in them are the ones who are closest to our everyday life. Read more about the City Council here.


Voting is the basic right of all adult citizens. Finnish citizens living in Finland as well as foreigners of age living in the country permanently have the right to vote in the municipal elections.

On election day, 13 June, everyone entitled to vote may only vote in the polling station of their own voting area. During advance voting, 26 May–8 June, you can vote on any advance polling station. At the polling station, voters must present an identity card. However, you do not need to bring the notice of voting rights with you.

Municipal election panel

In the municipal elections this summer, it is time to ensure that students’ voice is heard, both in the polling booths and in the next council!

The aim of the panel is to generate discussion about students for students. We have invited student candidates from the six largest political parties in the Helsinki City Council to discuss matters that are important to us students. Come and hear the answers that student candidates have to these questions – you may even find a suitable candidate for yourself!

You can watch the recording of the panel with simultaneous interpretation here!