Take care of yourself and others

You can already start getting into the proper mood before May Day itself, as Manta’s cap will be touring through the campuses. Check out HYY’s May Day programme, put on your overalls and join us on the road to Manta. The festive atmosphere naturally culminates in the Crowning of Manta and the reception of May Day on the Market Square on May Day Eve.

This year, the theme of the Crowning of Manta is caring. Caring for the wellbeing of yourself and others, communality and building a common future for all of us are issues that we especially want to highlight at our event. You – yes, you – are very welcome to celebrate May Day with us! Take your friends with you and join the cheerful May Day celebrations. Let’s take care of ourselves and of one another, during May Day, too. See you at Manta!

Follow the road to Manta on social media!

If you are not following HYY’s social media accounts yet, now is a good time to do so. You can find the Facebook event for the ‘Manta’s Cap on Tour’ campus tour and the Facebook event for the Crowning of Manta itself on HYY’s Facebook page. HYY’s Instagram also features our May Day preparations. The best way to keep up to date, however, is to also follow the Instagram account of Manta Crew, the team in charge of the crowning.

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May Day Eve programme

@ Market Square, Helsinki 30 April

  • 4 PM: DJ Vicky begins
  • 4.30 PM: Manta’s cap arrives to the Market Square in the carriage of Sinebrychoff brewery horses
  • 5 PM: Washing of Manta
  • 5.10 PM: Viikki-speksi’s dance performance and collective dance number
  • 5.30 PM: May Day greetings from the City of Helsinki, Deputy Mayor Nasima Razmyar
  • 5.45 PM: Finnish record attempt at group karaoke hosted by Karaokekeisari Heikkinen
  • 5.55 PM: Manta’s vaccination
  • 6 PM: Crowning of Manta
  • 6.05–6.35 PM: BESS
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How to prepare for May Day

We recommend arriving at the Market Square early on May Day Eve, 30 April, as the amazing May Day party will kick off at 4 pm. DJ Vicky will be raising the festive mood, while we will also be handing out stunning Crowning of Manta overall badges and vegan ice cream from Kolme Kaveria. Don’t be late!

At 5.20 pm, it will be time for Viikki-speksi’s dance performance, followed by you getting to show your own dance skills together with tens of thousands of other participants in a fast-paced collective dance number. You can learn an easy and fun choreography for the number in advance by watching an instructional video.

Once you have warmed up by dancing and found a common rhythm, it will be time to take on a challenge unlike anything you have seen before: at 5.45 pm, we will try to set a new Finnish record in group karaoke at the Market Square. The attempt will be realised in cooperation with Singa and hosted by king of karaoke, Karaokekeisari Heikkinen. The lyrics will be shown on massive screens around the stage, so all you need to do is clear your voice and get ready to belt out a rousing rendition of a karaoke song!

The main part – crowning Manta with a student’s cap – will, once again, take place at 6 pm sharp. Once Manta has received her cap, you will also have permission to put yours on. The festive mood is sure to stay high even after the crowning, as the stage will be taken over by the brilliant BESS. You will not want to miss out on this May Day spectacle! Be there!

Learn the choreography!

Manta’s Cap on Tour 11–20 April and the May Day preparty on 12 April

Now is your chance to experience the May Day atmosphere in advance, with Manta’s cap touring the campuses. The cap will be touring through the campuses of Meilahti, Kumpula, Viikki and the City Centre, ending up on the head of Havis Amanda herself on May Day Eve. On the campus tour, you will have the unique opportunity of having your photo taken with Manta’s cap. You can also pick up a gorgeous Havis Amanda 2022 badge to decorate your overalls with. And don’t forget to taste the doughnuts and mead available from UniCafe from 19 April onwards. Check out the times and locations for the tour in more detail below.

We are organising an amazing cross-disciplinary May Day preparty in connection with the campus tour on 12 April, with all students of the University of Helsinki welcome to attend. The party will kick off in Baarikärpänen at 9 pm. Entry to the event is included in the cloakroom fee, and if you arrive before 10 pm, you will also have the chance to get a wristband that entitles you to discounts on drinks. We will be handing out the unique Havis Amanda 2022 overall badges at this event, too.

Manta’s Cap on Tour

  • Meilahti: 11 April at 11 am–2 pm (lobby of the Haartman Institute at Haartmaninkatu 3)
  • Kumpula: 12 April at 11 am–2 pm (lobby of Physicum at Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2) + afterparty in Baarikärpänen in the evening from 9 pm onwards
  • Viikki: 19 April at 11 am–2 pm (Biocentre 1 at Viikinkaari 9)
  • City Centre: 20 April at 11 am–2 pm (lobby / in front of Porthania at Yliopistonkatu 3)
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