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HYY's Organisations

Approximately 250 student organisations operate within HYY. The organisations engage in work that promotes the Student Union's objectives: they are involved in student advocacy work in the faculty and subject department level, act as a practice field for societal activities and provide well-being services for their members. In student organisations, you can learn many things which are not included in the actual university curriculum but are an integral part of university studies and growth into an educated individual. HYY's organisation field includes student nations, faculty and subject organisations, political and societal organisations, choirs, orchestras, theatres and other culture organisations, international organisations, sports and game clubs. Anyone can join the majority of the organisations and international students are warmly welcomed!

This section contains a list of all organisations operating within HYY and instructions on how to establish a new organisation.

HYY's organisation family summarised in key figures:

The contact information of the Student Organisations Committee and information about the committee activities is available here.