For Organisations

Founding a new organisation within HYY

All organisations of the University of Helsinki students are not automatically part of the HYY organisations. Only the organisations accepted to the organisation register of HYY are allowed to use the organisational services provided by HYY. Currently, approximately 250 different organisations operate within HYY.

General guidelines and model rules for founding an organisation are available on the Organisation Register pages of the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland. An organisation can be accepted to HYY if it fulfils the rules for organisations operating within HYY.

Applying for HYY membership

The organisations which are applying for HYY membership must fill in an electronic application form in TAHLO system on HYY's website and submit the required attachments through TAHLO or deliver them to HYY's Services Office and to inform the specialist in charge of organisations about your application. The yearly deadlines are confirmed at the beginning of each year. Usually the spring deadline is at the end of February and the autumn deadline is at the end of September. Instructions up to date will be posted on Student Organisation Newsletter and here.

Application info for 2019 here

More info
Specialist (organisations) Jaakko Kalske, jarjestosihteeri [a], 050 537 3798