For Organisations

Device Rental

All rental device matters (booking, maintenance, returning) are managed by HYY's Services Office.

Rent and deposit

Everyone who rents any devices or utensils will be charged the deposit of 20 euro which is refunded when devices are returned undamaged and clean at the appointed time. One day or weekend rent is charged for some of the devices. If a device is rented for a longer period, each additional day costs 50 % of the rental price (weekend is considered to be one day).

Liability for damage

If devices are misplaced or damaged, an association is charged for the price of a new device. Wires are easily misplaced and therefore there is a fixed excess share which is always paid when wires are damaged or misplaced, unless the organisation agrees to buy a similar wire.

AV device

Data projector: Vivitek H1085, 1920x1080 (full HD)
DLP Data projector/home theatre device: Epson EMP-TWD3 (incl. video projector, dvd and speakers in the same device)
ION Block Rocker

Badge maker
- 56 mm badge pins 30 cent/piece

Induction loop

Induction loop is a device designed for hearing aid users, which transfers the sound wirelessly and directly into the hearing aid. With the loop, you can listen to amplified sound without background noise at a level suitable for the person in question.

When using the induction loop, all comments have to be spoken into the microphone. When the hearing aid is switched to induction loop setting, the normal microphone of the hearing aid is off and you can only hear sounds coming via induction loop. That is why comments made by the public should be spoken into the microphone, or the host should repeat the presented comment.

Instructions are available from the Services Office when lending the device.