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Welcome to the HYY’s Chairpersons’ Seminar on the 29th of January! The seminar gathers chairpersons from all various organisations operating within HYY, offers support, new ideas and tools to make your year as chairperson as good as possible. All chairpersons and one other representative (e.g. vice chairperson) from all the organisations operating within HYY are welcome to the event. Sign up via this form by Wednesday the 24th of January by 23:59:

The event begins at 5 pm with a common session and a little snack at the Alina and Wilhemsson Halls (New Student House,  3rd and 5th floor). After the common session each participant will take part in two workshops of their choosing. Each workshop will last 50 minutes with a small break in-between. After the workshops we’ll eat and close the official part of the event. Afterwards we’ll continue the evening with a relaxed afterparty where you also have a chance to go to the sauna. We will send the further information about the schedule and rooms before the event.

The event will be mostly in Finnish, but the workshops can also have English speaking groups (please choose the option in the sign up form) and we will do our best to help you follow the event.

The workshops:

Workshop 1: Chairperson's ABC 
The basics of being a chairperson. What are the minimum requirements that the chairperson should know? Which things should be done in the beginning of the year? Where can you get help and support?

Workshop 2: Meeting practices
No more confusion or frustration about meeting practices! Here you’ll hone your skills and after the workshop you will excel in running meetings.

Workshop 3: Documents as a superpower!
Does your organization only write documents to please HYY? Not anymore! Through this workshop you will be able to realize how to use your documents as assets for your organization.

Workshop 4: Yes, we can!
Tips and discussion about how to make sure your volunteers can keep going for all of the 365 days.

Workshop 5: Team building and motivating
In organizations team building and motivating are the things that pretty much determine what the year will be like for the board. In this workshop we practice and generate ideas for creating a functioning board and keeping them motivated throughout the whole year.

Workshop 6: Towards new horizons – leadership in transformation
Do you want to take your organization to a new direction? How to lead the transformations in your organization both when operations are developing and when they are changing? In this workshop you’ll get tips to successful transformation and training on leadership in the middle of transformations.


The seminar is organized by HYY’s Student Organisations Committee. More information on the event from the president of the committee: Lauri Grünthal,, 0503277480.