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Grants for innovative learning projects up for grabs!
Apply for project grant!
Does your organisation want to make some money on May Day?
Welcome to the HYY International Affairs Meeting!
Invitation to a meeting of equality actors

Grants for innovative learning projects up for grabs!

HYY allocates grants for new study projects organised by students. The project can, for example, develop study methods, apply theory to practice or advance students' professional competence. The grant cannot be allocated retroactively.

Throughout the years, grants for innovative learning projects have been given to projects such as a soap manufacturing workshop run by nutritional science students, a saddle course by students of veterinary medicine, workshop activities in an international environmental seminar and an art exhibition study group by humanists.

The total amount of the allocated grant is 5,000 euros (approx. 100–900 euros per project). When allocating the grant, the initiative and learning methods that encourage students to be active are taken into account. The projects that have received the grant can be presented in HYY communications as good examples.  The study projects must be as open as possible to anyone interested in taking part.

The grant is not allocated for the following purposes:
•    Travel or catering expenses
•    Facility expenses, with the exception of specially equipped facilities, which cannot be received free of charge
•    Printing of publications, unless decided otherwise based on the application
•    Master's thesis projects
•    Such basic education, which is primarily the responsibility of the department
•    Remuneration or salaries
•    Continuous/regular activities

The person in charge of the project is committed to report about the implementation of the project after its completion.

The grant can be applied by a form which opens 16th of March. You can fill the application form in here.

Please check the information before submitting the form! Information cannot be edited later so you should consider the required information before filling the form. You can draft your application with a word processing program and then copy it into the form.
The last day to apply is 6th of April. Late applications will not be considered.

All applicants will be informed about the allocation of the grants during May. For further information, please contact Member of the Board Minna Silvennoinen,, 050 325 9175.

Apply for project grant!

HYY gives out project grants for student groups and organisations operating within the student union. Project grant enables producing better and grander projects than the groups would usually have resources to produce.

Project grant is given to a certain use, and it will be recovered if the applicant cannot prove that the grant is used for the project it was given to.

This year the project grant will be directed especially to projects that seek to further equality.

Project grant applications can be free-form but must include the following:

Name of the project
Organising party (organisation/other)
Contact information of person in charge: name, phone number, email
Account number of organising party

This year, the project grant allocated in particular to projects promoting equality!

Applications must also include the following information on the project itself:

Idea of the project: What does the project feature?
Goal: What are the goals the project aims to fulfil?
Reason: Why should the project be done?
Time frame: When would the project be carried out?
How long does the project last: a day, a week, other?
Division of responsibility: Who is in charge of each part of the project?
Target: Who is the project aimed for?
Possible partnership: Is the project done in cooperation with another party?
In addition to the above, applications should include the project’s budget, that is, a description of the expenses and income of the project.

Applications are either sent to or delivered to the HYY services office as a paper copy.

The application period for project grants ends on 6 April at 11.59 pm.
NOTE: the deadline for returning applications to the services office is on 6 April at 3 pm.

Does your organisation want to make some money on May Day?

Now there is a good opportunity to do an eco action and to fill the coffers of your organisation! HYY declares a competitive bidding for organisations for cleaning Ullanlinnanmäki after May Day.

The organisation must commit to provide the full contribution of at least ten people. Cleaning will take place on Tuesday 2 May, approx. from 7am to 2pm.

Bids by 10 am Monday 10 April to Elina Nieminen (elina.nieminen(a) If two organisations make the same bid, the organisation who made the bid first will win. The organisation with the best bid will be contacted on Monday 10 April.

Welcome to the HYY International Affairs Meeting!

We are organising five campus-based meetings where you will meet people from your campus, get to know new organisations, receive new ideas and practises, and hear about what HYY does, and what's going on at the university. The meetings are organised on campus at Meilahti, the city centre, Kumpula, and Viikki. The fifth meeting is aimed especially at hobby organisations and student nations, and will be held at the city centre. We encourage you to sign to sign up for the meeting at the campus on which your organisation is based, but if the time doesn't suit, feel free to join the general meeting, or the meetings on the other campuses.

Sign up at the latest on March 19 through the following link:

Invitation to a meeting of equality actors

Do you want to hear how others have managed to lower the threshold to participate in organisational activities?
Would you like to get ideas for advancing equality in your organisation?

Join us for a meeting of organisational actors interested in equality!

The persons in charge of equality in organisations as well as all other organisational actors interested in the theme are welcome to attend. The meeting is aimed at sharing ideas and experiences and meeting other organisational actors wrestling with the same issues.

The meeting is held in the New Student House at Mannerheimintie 5A, second floor, on 27 March starting at 5.00 pm. The Student Union’s meeting room Topelius serves as the location.

If you have any questions on the meeting or the general theme, do not hesitate to contact me at!

Booking rounds for Alina Hall are here again!

The hall can be booked during the booking rounds. There are two booking rounds during the spring. In addition, an advance booking round is held. During these rounds, you can be granted two (2) reservations for Alina Hall for the autumn of 2017. The bookings will be made through online forms, there is one for each round.

Each organisation must have completed the user training for Alina hall in 2017 by their reservation date. Additional training sessions will be organised, if necessary, in the autumn of 2017. If the organisation does not participate in the training, the reservation will expire.

Terms and conditions of HYY's festive premises concerning the use of Alina Hall are available here.

Advance booking
Advance booking round is from 10 am on the 13 March - 10 am on the 20 March. During this period, organisations have the opportunity to book the Alina-hall in advance before the beginning of the actual booking rounds. Advance bookings concern particularly anniversaries, the afterparties of anniversaries and events with a specific date.

Please notice that if the organisation is granted a reservation during the advance booking round it can’t be granted one until the second actual booking round.

Advance reservations are made through a separate reservation form at:

Decisions on advance bookings are made by HYY’s Student Organisations Committee together with the board member in charge of organisations and the specialist (organisations) at the Committee’s meeting from 5pm-8pm on 20 March.

Actual reservation rounds
Reservations are made in two rounds. On each round, you can apply for one reservation for Alina Hall unless you have been granted a reservation during the advance booking round. Organisations must check the available hours from the Student Union's electronic calendar at If the organisation has not checked the available hours, it may affect the prioritisation of reservations.

The time you fill the application form for the reservations does not affect the outcome, but incomplete or late applications may be rejected. If there are overlapping reservations, the organisations in question will be offered other available dates through mediation. If agreement is not reached, the matter is settled by drawing lots. The Committee for Student Organizations is in charge of the mediation and the raffle. The contact person designated by the organisation should be reachable by telephone after the end of both reservation rounds when the reservations will be processed. In this way, the mediation of overlapping reservations is possible. Organisations should also consider alternative dates in case the original reservation overlaps with an event of another organisation.

Round I
Reservation period 12am, 21 March – 11:59pm, 27 March.
Reservations are made through the form:
Processing of reservations 28 March, 5pm-8pm.

Round II
Reservation period 12am, 29 March – 11:59pm, 4 Apr.
Reservations are made through the form:
Processing of reservations 5 Apr, 4:30pm-7pm.

Reservations are updated to the electronic calendar after each reservation round and organisations are sent an email.

Reservations after the reservation rounds
You can inquire the remaining available dates at HYY's Service Office from 10 April onwards. The available dates are visible on HYY's reservation calendar.

If you have any questions about the booking rounds you may contact the chairs of the Student Organisations Committee: or the chairperson, 0405896369.

Booking rounds for Alina Hall begin March 13th
Your organisation to provide picture of the week for HYY’s Instagram?
Student Organisations Committee’s Newcomers’ Night
The Environmental Committee’s New members evening

Booking rounds for Alina Hall begin March 13th

The booking rounds for Alina Hall for fall 2017 begin March 13th. The booking period
begins from the 4th of September. The reservations are made through an electronic form during the booking rounds. There are two official rounds: First booking round (21 - 27 March) and second booking round (29 March - 4 April). There will also be an advance booking round (13 - 20 March). Each organisation can obtain a maximum of two (2) reservations to Alina for fall 2017.  More specific information on the booking rounds as well as the links to the electronic forms will be sent out closer to the booking rounds.

NB: The staircase A of the New Student House will be under piping renovation during the summer. The renovation is due the 1st of September but in case it is not ready by then, we might be forced to cancel some of the reservations. If that should happen, representatives of the student union will contact the organisations during the summer.

Your organisation to provide picture of the week for HYY’s Instagram?

Do you want to offer a picture or video of your organisation’s epic event or some other fantastic activity for HYY’s Instagram, but do not have enough material for the entire week?
This is now possible with HYY’s Picture of the Week campaign!
Organisations operating under HYY create lots of unbelievable events and activities, and we want to feature them on our Instagram. Send a message containing a picture of the activity of your choice to HYY’s Facebook page and include the following information:
- Name of the organisation
- What is happening in the picture
- Anything else you want us to mention about the picture
(- Information about the photographer)

Your picture just might become the picture of the week in HYY’s Instagram! The picture of the week is published on Mondays in HYY’s Instagram (@hyy_hus).

HYY retains the right to use the picture later in its own communications. We will, however, separately negotiate with the photographer/organisation in case of other uses, such as commercial use with external partners.

Do not forget the takeovers of HYY’s Instagram either! During a takeover, your organisation can take over HYY’s Instagram for the entire week! Read more here.

Elina Nieminen

Student Organisations Committee’s Newcomers’ Night

Like organisations? Wanna experience something new and exciting? Ever wondered what on earth is the students organisations committee? If you answered any of these YES, join us for the Student Organisations Committee’s Newcomers’ Night !

Come and get to know new awesome people and what the committee does on Tuesday March 14! The event starts at 5 pm at HYY’s central office. More specific information will be updated closer to the event here.

The Student Organisations Committee works to make the student union and its services even better for all the student organisations! Through participating in the committee you have the opportunity to get to know different organisations and what they do, suggest improvements in the services for student organisations (such as content for trainings etc.) and meet exciting new people from all across the student union. We welcome everyone interested in student organisations, freshmen, organisation veterans, exchange students, international students, you name it!

More info on the event from the chairpersons of the committee:

The Environmental Committee’s New members evening

Are you interested in environmental issues? Would you like to act for a better and more ecological university by organizing cool events, excursions and campaigns for the students of the University of Helsinki? Would you like to meet new people with similar interests?

Welcome to the New members evening of the Environmental Committee on Thursday the 16th of March at 18:00! You will get to know more about the committee and upcoming events and meet the current members. You are warmly welcome to join without any official commitment and within your own schedules and interests. Some snacks will also be served. The New student house is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

Welcome! Bring your friends too!

What? - The Environmental Committee’s New members evening
When? - 16.3.2017 at 18:00
Where? - Meeting room Sparre, New student house (2nd floor), Mannerheimintie 5 A
Why? - Because it’s important that people interested in environmental issues combine their forces!