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Do you want to increase your organisation’s reputation as an influential societal actor?

Organise an election panel, an election debate at your student room or some other event related to the municipal elections! Your organisation could highlight themes such as student housing, early education, urban farming, the multicultural city, urban green and densification policies, candidate’s Netflix preferences or anything else you can think of! Sign up your organisation through the link by 1 March at the latest. HYY’s urban sector is happy to help in event organisation with things like marketing, drafting questions and acquiring candidates and hosts.

Apply for HYY’s operational grant
Apply for HYY’s organisation paper grant
HYY's events & culture
Does your organisation want to take over HYYs Instagram?


Inspiration, development and tuning! Tuning Day, the training event for organisational actors, is here again on Tuesday 21 February 2017! Whether you are active in a hobby organisation, student nation, subject organisation or faculty organisation, this event will provide you with chances to learn something new!
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Apply for HYY’s operational grant

HYY annually awards operational grants to its organisations. The aim of the grants is to support the activities of organisations operating under HYY. You can apply for the operational grant through an electronic application form at Applications should be left by 28 February. Further instructions on applying:

Apply for HYY’s organisation paper grant

HYY supports its organisations’ publishing activities by awarding them organisation paper grants. The grant is only awarded for printed publications. You can apply for the organisation paper grant through the electronic application form service at Applications should be left by 28 February. The criteria for awarding the organisation paper grant can be found here, currently only in Finnish:

HYY's events & culture

Do you want to advertise your organisation events?
Are you going to organise a massive party where everyone is welcome? Do you arrange a workshop, seminar, band night or a festival? Do you want listeners to the concert of your choir?
HYY's Culture and Events facebook page informs students about events held by HYY's organisations and other events or special benefits that interest the students.

Does your organisation want to take over HYYs Instagram?

Does your organisation have an awesome new event concept? Do you organise superb activities for students or do you have amazing studying places at your campus? Or maybe you have something else you’d like to show (off) to other students?

We want to exhibit the diversity of HYY’s organisations and by giving our Instagram account to you for a week! The account has a thousand followers, so this is a great opportunity for you to reach new people, gain new followers and make yourselves known!

Interested? Please contact a member of the board Elina Nieminen (elina.nieminen  a to get the chance to take control of HYYs Instagram!

The Student Union can annually allocate operational grants for its organisations which are intended for supporting regular organisational activities. However, the purpose of the operational grant is not to finance all expenses caused by organisational activities but organisations are expected to be active in funding their own operations by collecting a membership fee, for example.

Allocating the grant is primarily based on the activities of the organisation which are evaluated based on the attachments delivered with the application. In addition to activities, the number of members, the management of finances and the need for support are taken into account. The Finance Board of the Student Union annually approves the conditions for allocating and using the operational grant.

The operational grant is applied by filling the application form "TAHLO" (=  abbreviation for Toiminta-Avustuksen HakuLOmake, application form for operational grant) at If you have lost your username or password, contact the specialist for organisational affairs. The deadline for the application is Feb 28.

Documents required for the application are
-Budget 2018
-Plan of actions 2018
-Profit and loss statement 2017
-Balance sheet 2017
-Auditor's report 2017
-Report of activities 2017
-Calendar of past activities 2017

Model documents for what these documents should look like can be found here:

Additional complementing documents can be attached to the application, like plan of environmental actions or equity plan.

More information:

HYY's Economy Committee's Chair Sara Järvinen, sara.jarvinen [ a ], 050 595 0324
HYY's Board member in charge of organisations Jane Kärnä, jane.karna [ a ], 050 543 9615
Specialist (Organisations) Emi Maeda, emi.maeda [ a ], 050 537 3798