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HYY & Stydi's blood donation challenge 3 Oct - 30 Nov - the biggest donor wins a sauna evening!

We are offering our hand to help this autumn, too – the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) and Stydi, the organisation for social work students, challenge all organisations operating within HYY to take part in this life-saving campaign.
The campaign, launched a year ago, continues with even greater excitement than before as it is now a part of the University of Helsinki’s campaign called ‘– luovuta verta, tue tiedettä’ (‘Good deeds – donate blood, support science’) that will last for the entire academic year. The campaign aims to create a positive atmosphere of doing good deeds and to encourage students and personnel to donate blood and, at the same time, support science. The Fin Donor 10 000 and GeneRISK studies provide valuable scientific information for healthcare and medicine to use. The University of Helsinki and the Finnish Red Cross’s Blood Service also cooperate extensively on other research projects that the campaign aims to shed some light on.

Every working day, around 800 volunteer blood donors are needed so that around 50,000 seriously ill patients (such as premature babies, cancer patients and accident victims) get the treatment they need annually. The patient could be you – donated blood cannot be replaced with medication. Many hands help more than one so let’s get the blood circulating together. It does not cost anything!
The blood donation campaign kicks off on 3 October 2016, and the organisations that donate the most blood both quantitatively and in proportion to their number of members during the campaign period of 3 October–30 November 2016 will win one sauna evening at HYY’s premises. Additionally, all donors receive a #HYYtymättömät overall badge as thanks for their heroism.
 #HYYtymättömät #HYYtymättömät2016 #HYviätekoja #isokäsielämälle #VeriRyhmä
Facebook event:

How to participate in the campaign:
1.    Update the contact information of your organisation’s BloodGroup by sending the name, phone number and email address of your contact person for this year to If you know the name of your previous contact person, mention that in your message.
OR Register a BloodGroup for your organisation at Name your BloodGroup as ‘HYY + your organisation’s name’ – for instance, HYY-Stydi.
2.    Let HYY know that you are participating in the campaign by filling in the following form:
3.    Go and donate blood either as a group or one by one in one of the Blood Service Centres in the Capital Region or in a blood collection event. To help us keep scores, please remember to mention your organisation’s name to the staff when you sign up at your donation location.
If you want to donate blood as a group, please reserve a time for donation in advance by calling the Blood Service Centre. The contact information can be found at and in the Facebook event. This way, Blood Service will be able to prepare for potential rushes. A suitable group size is around 4–6 persons, and you should reserve around an hour for the donation.
4.    It is recommended that you test your suitability as a donor in advance at You can also call the free info phone for blood donors in case you have a question. The number is 0800 0 5801.
5.    Communicate about the campaign and about potential group donation days on your own channels. If you so wish, you can also use the material bank available at Blood Service’s website at
8.    Use the hashtags #HYYtymättömät2016, #HYYtymättömät, #HYviätekoja, #isokäsielämälle and #VeriRyhmä in social media so that the blood donation challenge gets spread and more patients get help. We communicate about the campaign on Facebook at and as well as on the event page, Follow us!

Reservation rounds for Alina Hall are here again. During the reservation rounds, user hours are reserved for the spring of 2017.
Alina hall can be booked during reservation rounds. There are two reservation rounds during the spring. In addition, an advance reservation round is organised. During these rounds, you can make two (2) reservations for Alina hall for the spring of 2017. You must have completed the user training for Alina hall by your own reservation date during the current calendar year. If the organisation does not participate in the training, the reservation will expire.
Reservations are made through an electronic form.

Advance reservations
Advance reservation round is 17 October - 23 October. During this period, organisations have the opportunity to book the Alina-hall in advance before the beginning of the actual reservation rounds if they have a good reason (e.g. anniversary) to apply for a specific date.
Advance reservations are made through a separate reservation form at: 
Advance reservation must include:
Name of the organisation that makes the reservation
Contact person and telephone number
Event for which you want to book the premises and the nature of the event
Decisions on advance reservations are made by the Committee for Student Organizations together with the board member in charge of organisations and the specialist (organisations) at 6pm-8pm on 25 October.

Actual reservation rounds
Reservations are made during two rounds. On each round, you can apply for one reservation for Alina hall if you have not made an advance reservation for Alina. Organisations must check the available hours from the Student Union's electronic calendar at
Reservation rounds will be organised on 26 October–3 November and 5 November–9 Nov.

The time you fill the application form for the reservations does not affect the outcome, but incomplete or late applications will be rejected. If there are overlapping reservations, the organisations in question will be offered other available dates through mediation. If agreement is not reached, the matter is settled by drawing lots. The Committee for Student Organizations is in charge of the mediation and the raffle.

NB! The contact person designated by the organisation should be reachable by telephone after the end of both reservation rounds when the reservations will be processed. In this way, the mediation of overlapping reservations is possible. Organisations should also consider alternative dates in case the original reservation overlaps with an event of another organisation. Please make sure to check before each booking that the requested date is available!

Round I
Reservation period 10am, 26 October – 11:59pm, 3 November.
Reservations are made through the form:
Processing of reservations 4 November, 6pm-8pm.

Round II
Reservation period 10am, 5 November – 11:59pm, 9 Nov.
Reservations are made through the form: 
Processing of reservations 10 Nov, 6pm-8pm.

Reservations are updated to the electronic calendar after each reservation round.

Reservations after the reservation rounds
You can inquire the remaining available dates at HYY's Service Office from 14 Nov onwards. The available dates are visible on HYY's reservation calendar at

Prioritisation of reservations
Advance reservations concern particularly anniversaries, the afterparties of anniversaries and events with a specific date. If the organisation has not checked the available hours, it may affect the prioritisation order of reservations. The Committee for Student Organizations decides on the prioritisation together with the board member in charge of organisations and the specialist (organisations).
Terms and conditions of HYY's festive premises concerning the use of Alina Hall are available at

Remember to pay your reservations for Sivistys on time!
Discover HYY’s committees and their activities!
New Members’ Evening of the Committee for Environmental Affairs
New Members’ Evening of the Committee for Cultural Affairs
Committee for Organisational Affairs’ New Members’ Adventure at the New Student House

Remember to pay your reservations for Sivistys on time!

Organisations operating under HYY may reserve the Sivistys sauna, located in Domus Gaudium, for their use twice in a calendar year. Read more about the prices as well as the terms and conditions here:

Please remember that the reservation must be paid 21 days before the day of use!
HYY’s organisations get a 10% discount from other Sauna2’s saunas by using the discount code HYY2014.


Discover HYY’s committees and their activities!

HYY’s committees are organising events for new members and anyone interested in their activities. All HYY’s members are welcome to join the committee activities. Committees are a great place for organisations' actives to exchange ideas and good practices with other people who are interested or in charge of same fields.

Read more about the committees on HYY’s website ( and come to their events for new members!


New Members’ Evening of the Committee for Environmental Affairs

Are you interested in environmental affairs? Would you like to promote environmentally friendly modes of operation at the University, network with likeminded students or organise environmentally themed events?

The Committee for Environmental Affairs holds its New Members’ Evening on Wednesday 21 September at 6 pm in meeting room Sparre in the New Student House (at Mannerheimintie 5 A, 2nd floor). We will begin by introducing the committee activities, with time reserved for informal discussion and questions. After the introduction, we can relax and play board and card games. The committee provides some snacks at the event.

The event in Facebook:


New Members’ Evening of the Committee for Cultural Affairs

The Committee for Cultural Affairs is a meeting place for members of the Student Union that are interested in cultural activities and event organisation. The committee carries out annually changing projects and participates in planning and implementing the activities of HYY’s event and cultural sector. In the Committee for Cultural Affairs, you will be able to take part in brainstorming and carrying out HYY’s various events and to create student culture that looks like you!

HYY’s Committee for Cultural Affairs is celebrating both autumn and the beginning of the new academic year on Wednesday 5 October in a stunning penthouse! In our new members’ evening, you will get to hear about the committee’s activities and meet other members. We will be offering delicious food and bubbly drinks throughout the evening.
Come meet us on Wednesday 5 October at 5 pm in Rydman (at Kaivokatu 10 A, 9th floor)!
The Facebook event for the new members’ evening has more information on the evening’s programme and directions.
New Members’ Evening of the Committee for Cultural Affairs:


Committee for Organisational Affairs’ New Members’ Adventure at the New Student House

Do you like organisations? Would you like to experience something new and exciting? Do you ever wonder what Helsinki looks like viewed from the top of the New Student House? If you answered YES to just one of these questions, you should come to the Committee for Organisational Affairs’ New Members’ Adventure at the New Student House.

The Committee for Organisational Affairs strives to make the Student Union an even better place for student organisations! Through the committee’s activities, you get to see different organisations’ activities, brainstorm HYY’s organisational services and meet great people across organisational boundaries. Everyone interested in developing organisational activities, from curious freshmen to seen-it-all veterans, is welcome to join the Committee for Organisational Affairs.

On Wednesday 21 September, you can join an adventure that takes you from the New Student House’s cellar to its roof. Sign up to the adventure by clicking ‘going’ at the FB event and come meet new and awesome people and check out the activities of the Committee for Organisational Affairs!
We will meet at HYY’s Central Office (on the 2nd floor of the New Student House) and start off towards the roof at 5.00 pm – please be there on time. You can join us later if you won’t be able to make it at 5 pm, as the adventure continues until the evening.
We extend you a warm welcome regardless of whether you are an old committee member, just heard about the committee for the first time or fall anywhere in between!

FB event:
For more information about the event, please ask the vice chairs of the Committee for Organisational Affairs:
Elina ( [ a ]
Jane (jane.karna [ a ]