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1 Have a great autumn, organisation members!
2 Leave your mark on Alina Hall, become a table sponsor
3 Freshman Adventure, 25 Sept
4 Invite HYY's Freshman Chancellor to visit your organisation!
5 Seminar for the Chairpersons II on 11 Nov


Have a great autumn, organisation members!

In honour of autumn, the floor in Alina Hall has been varnished beautiful and we have acquired new sturdier tables.


Leave your mark on Alina Hall, become a table sponsor

Would your organisation like to have a sponsor table in Alina Hall? In honour of new tables, we offer all interested organisations the opportunity of having your own sponsor table at Alina Hall. A sponsor organisation can decorate their table surface with their organisation logo, for example. The sponsor table costs €50 and organisations can have one table. Tables are given to the fastest ones.
Further information and registration:
Specialist (organisations) Emi Maeda


Freshman Adventure, 25 Sept

Freshman Adventure is the biggest freshman event of the autumn, where 40 different organisations arrange checkpoints. Now we still need plenty of new students. Even if your organisation does not arrange a checkpoint, you can still register your freshmen for the event. Please make sure that they do not miss anything during their unique freshman autumn! Further information and register form is available at:
Deadline for registration is 15 Sept.


Invite HYY's Freshman Chancellor to visit your organisation!

HYY has recently appointed its first ever Freshman Chancellor, who acts as the Student Union's face and connects all new students. Freshman Chancellor 2014 is a second-year student Juuso Nieminen. He will participate in HYY's own freshman events, the Opening Carnival on 1 Sept and the Freshman Adventure on 25 Sept, and he also has his own Facebook site where he updates news and pictures about places and events related to student life, which he has visited.
At this point, your organisation comes to the picture. Would you like Freshman Chancellor to tell about your event and activities to new students of the University of Helsinki? Do you have an event which Freshman Chancellor could visit or where he could be part of the event?
Freshman Chancellor hopes to visit as various events as possible, whether it is a casual coffee break or a glorious spectacle, a small recreational group or a large organisation. His goal is to show new students all that can be found in the student community, and this cannot be done without presenting organisations!
If you want to invite Freshman Chancellor to your event, please send e-mail to Please mention the date of the event, the type of the event, who is the organiser, and how you would like Freshman Chancellor to participate (say hi quickly, make a speech, anything else…).
Kind regards,
Juuso Nieminen, HYY's Freshman Chancellor
Matleena Kosonen, HYY's Board Member



Seminar for the Chairpersons II on 11 Nov

HYY's Committee for Organisational Affairs welcomes all chairpersons in organisations within HYY to the seminar for the chairpersons on 11 Nov! In the seminar, you can exchange experiences about acting as the chairperson, share ideas and hear about current affairs from the organisational field.

More information and sign up later on.