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Does your organisation want to make some money on May Day?

Now there is a good opportunity to do an eco action by working together and to fill the coffers of your organisation.

HYY declares a competitive bidding for organisations for cleaning Ullanlinnanmäki after May Day. The organisation must commit to provide the full contribution of at least ten people. Cleaning will take place on Fri 2 May, approx. from 7am to 2pm.

Bids by 12 April to Pipsa Penttinen (pipsa.penttinen(at), 050 537 2831).

HYY allocates project grants for organisations which operate within the student union. The grant is intended for making activities more diverse, implementing new projects and making related purchases. The allocation of the project grants particularly emphasises projects related to the reception of new students and the integration of international students.

A total amount of the grants is EUR 7,000, the maximum amount for one project is EUR 500. You may apply for the grants through a separate form, which is available at The form will close at 11.59pm on 11 Apr 2014.


Terms and conditions for the grant

  •  Projects do not mean continuous or annual activities of organisations
  • The purpose of the project is not contradictory with HYY's objectives or the equality plan
  • The aim is to allocate grants equally to a variety of projects in different types of organisations
  • Grants may also be allocated for projects implemented earlier in the year of 2014 if they otherwise meet the allocation criteria
  • Grants are not allocated for permanent salaries or fees
  • The maximum of EUR 500 may be granted for one project
  • The grant may be targeted to cover specific costs
  • If a project is not implemented or if its nature changes significantly, the organisation must return the received grant
  • The organisation must submit a report or clarification to HYY about the implementation of the project either on a separately announced date or in connection with the annual report from the year of 2014.

All organisations that apply for the grant will be informed about the decisions. All organisations which receive the grant will be sent the allocated amount and the reminder about terms and conditions, as well as a possible date by which the organisation must submit a clarification on the use of the grant.


More information:

Teemu Palkki 

HYY board member

Financial Committee, Kindred Nations, Sport


Booking rounds

Alina Hall can be booked during the booking rounds organised twice a year. There are two booking rounds and during both rounds the organisation can apply for one date. The organisation which makes the booking must have participated in the user training for Alina Hall during the year 2014 or participate in a separately organised additional training event. If the organisation does not participate in the training, the booking will be cancelled.

Bookings are made through an electronic form.

Advance booking

Advance booking period is 25 March - 31 March. During this period, the organisation can book festive premises in advance before the beginning of the actual booking rounds if the organisation has a well-justified reason (such as the anniversary) to apply for a certain date. Advance bookings
are submitted by email to the Chair of the Committee for Organisational Affairs Aarni Suvitie to the address

Advance booking must include:

  • name of the organisation that makes the booking
  • contact person and telephone number
  • event for which you want to book the premises and the nature of the event

Decisions on advance bookings are made by the Committee for Organisational Affairs together with the board member in charge of organisations and the organisation specialist 5pm - 7pm on 1 Apr.

Actual booking rounds

Bookings are made during two rounds. On both rounds, the organisation can apply for one date. Organisations should check the vacant dates from the Student Union's electronic calendar at Booking rounds are organised on 3.4.-7.4. and 10.4.-14.4. The arrival time of the booking does not affect the status of booking but incomplete or late applications will not be processed. If there are overlapping reservations, the organisations in question are offered other available dates through mediation. If the agreement is not reached, the matter is settled by drawing lots. The chair of the Committee for Organisational Affairs together with the Committee is responsible for the mediation and drawing lots.

NB! The contact person designated by the organisation should be reachable by telephone after the end of booking rounds when bookings are processed. In this way, the mediation of overlapping bookings is possible. Organisations should also consider alternative dates in case the original booking overlaps with an event of another organisation. Please make sure before each booking that the requested date is available.

Round I

Booking period: 12 noon on 3 Apr – 10pm on 7 Apr. Bookings are made through the form
Processing 5pm - 8pm on 8 Apr.

Round II

Booking period, 12 noon on 10 Apr– 10pm on 14 Apr. Bookings are made through the form
Procsessing on 5pm - 8pm on 15 Apr.

Please not that reservation periods do not end at midnight!

Reservations will be updated to the electronic calendar after the booking rounds.

Bookings after the rounds

Organisations may request the remaining available dates from HYY's Services Office from 17th April onwards. Available dates can be seen in HYY's booking calendar

Prioritising of bookings

Advance booking particularly concerns anniversaries, the after parties of anniversaries and events with a specific date. During the regular booking rounds, the greatest emphasis has traditionally been on the organisations' cooperation events. Prioritising is decided by the Committee for Organisational Affairs together with the board member in charge of organisations and the organisation specialist.

Terms and conditions for HYY's festive premises which concern the use of Alina Hall are available at

Each organisation using Alina Hall in the spring or autumn term must send at least one representative to the user training of Alina Hall in order to use their reservation. The next training will be organised on 18 March , 4pm in Alina Hall(Mannerheimintie 5 A, 3rd floor). Please note that if your organisation has already taken part in training during 2014, you do not have to attend the training again. In addition to training held in May, one more training will be held in the autumn.

Registrations by 17 March and further information: Chair of the Committee for Organisational Affairs Ahto Harmo,