Grants for Organisations

The numerous different organisations that create diverse activities for our members are a crucial part of student life and our entire community. Besides facilities, training and guidance, we provide our organisations with financial grants that all organisations operating under us can apply for.

This guide features information on the kind of grants we offer and how to apply for them.

Operating grant

Operating grant

The operating grants we annually award to the organisations operating under us constitute the largest financial aid we give to our organisations. Operating grants are meant to support organisations’ basic activities and should not be applied for to fund specific needs or projects. Operating grants are our way of helping organisations make your student life as rewarding and diverse as possible.

  • The application period for operating grants takes place right at the beginning of the year. Usually, we ask you to return your applications by the end of February at the latest. The application instructions for this year can be found at the end of this guide.

  • To apply for an operating grant, an application form needs to be completed in the TAHLO system by the end of the application period.

  • The attachments required for the application are usually the current year’s budget and action plan and the previous year’s income statement, balance sheet, auditor’s report, annual report and report on activities. The application instructions for this year can be found at the end of this guide.

  • HYY’s Financial Committee, which is composed of student members, decides on awarding the operating grants each year. The Financial Committee confirms the application criteria early in the year, after which the application period opens. The members of the Financial Committee process the applications, based on which they then decide on awarding the grants.

  • The Financial Committee annually confirms the criteria for awarding the grants. Usually, the criteria include the size of the organisation, the number of events it organises, the quality of its activities and participation activity.

Student magazine grant

Student magazine grant

Student magazines have long traditions, and we want to help nurture them. Student magazine grants can be applied for in connection with applying for operating grants. The student magazine grants help cover part of the costs of publishing the magazines.

Furniture grant

Furniture grant

We encourage organisations operating on our premises to take good care of the premises and make them cosy. Organisations can apply for furniture grants to purchase furniture for the premises. You can apply for the furniture grant right now if you like, as the grant can be applied for all year round!

    • Plan your purchase

      The furniture grant is aimed especially at purchasing tables, chairs, lockable cabinets and similar pieces of furniture. Find out the price of the item you are planning to purchase and draft a budget for it. We are happy to cover part of the price of the piece of furniture you are purchasing with the furniture grant, but we also expect the organisation applying for the grant to contribute to the costs.

    • Submit an application

      To apply for the grant, send a free-form application to our specialist in organisations at Your application must include the name of the organisation applying for the grant, information on the piece of furniture you are planning to purchase, the budget of the purchase and your justifications for the purchase.

      Alternatively, you can send the application to us by mail to the following address:
      Student Union of the University of Helsinki, PL 1099, 00101 HELSINKI.

    • Make the purchase

      When you have received our approval for your application, your organisation may purchase the planned piece of furniture. Remember to keep the receipts from the purchase!

    • Deliver the receipts to us

      When you have made the purchase and have the beautiful new piece of furniture in your organisational premises, it is time to deliver copies of the receipts to us. You can send them by email or mail to the same address as the application.

Project grant

Project grant

Head full of ideas but no money to make them a reality? We want to help you realise creative and educational projects that individual students or student organisations could not afford without a grant. The application period for project grants is usually in the spring. We announce the call for project grant applications separately both on our website and in our newsletter for organisations.

Application criteria for the grants

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Terms and conditions for the awarding and use of project grants

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