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The Student Union of the University of Helsinki considers the breaking down of the negotiations between the FinELib consortium, representing Finnish higher education institutions, research institutes and public libraries, and the international academic publisher Taylor & Francis on Monday 28 January extremely alarming. The disagreement between the publisher and the FinELib consortium concerns the costs of open publishing of research data, which are currently unreasonable to universities.

The national funding model for universities is rapidly being reformed as part of the implementation of the Vision for Higher Education and Research in 2030. We see potential pitfalls in the model under preparation, particularly in relation to funding allocated based on education. Furthermore, the changes now planned for the funding model do not offer solutions to the fundamental problems of the universities’ steering and financing system.

What kind of changes are planned to the funding model in terms of education?

Workers of the University of Helsinki are on strike today, on the 28th of February, after The Education Employers rejected a resolution regarding the collective agreement covering the university sector. The Student Union of The University of Helsinki calls for a timely resolution, that truly values academic work. 

Statement 10 July 2017

General housing allowance must be made modern and equal by making it personal. Students begin to receive general housing allowance at the beginning of August – and contrary to the housing supplement of the student aid before it, general housing allowance finally takes real living costs into account. However, the housing allowance features a significant problem: it is awarded to the entire household. This amounts to an assumption that people living together are liable to provide maintenance for each other.

STATEMENT 21 April 2017

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki demands a raise in study grant for students with children – a provider supplement. In August, students begin to be covered by general housing allowance. This move improves the situation of many students, particularly those who live alone, but it treats students with children in particular unfairly, significantly decreasing their subsistence.

The Finnish Government continues to incapacitate civil society by ruthlessly cutting even more from development cooperation funds. In its budget session last year, the Government already subjected development cooperation appropriations to cuts amounting to around 400 million euros, almost half of the total. In the spending limits discussion on 5 April 2016, the Government decided to cut an additional 25 million euros from them. The new cuts target funds that are available from 2018 onwards.

STATEMENT 30 November 2015

The Finnish Government will discontinue the internationalisation of higher education institutions. Massive cuts targeted at higher education and the students' income jeopardise educational equality, and the introduction of tuition fees ends the era of free education that lasted for more than 40 years. The Student Union of the University of Helsinki calls for the importance of free education.

Statement on ticket pricing renewal of HSL

The student unions in the metropolitan area state the following on the ticket pricing renewal presented in the meeting of HSL Board on 20 Jan 2015.